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RAD at Intercom

At Intercom, we build tools that make it simple for customers and businesses to connect. And that starts with understanding our customers—and their customers. That's where the RAD team (Research, Analytics, and Data Science) comes in. Join us!
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The RAD team at Intercom is guided by a set of principles that we've all pretty much committed to memory. They're not just nice words—we use them to guide our decisions, and to keep our team on point, productive, and contributing valuable learnings.
  • We're true strategic partners

    We’ve got our partners’ backs (and we also push back from time to time!)

  • We focus on the decision

    Nice-to-know is nice, but it doesn’t solve anything. Instead, we focus on the need-to-know.

  • We spend less time the next time

    We're always learning and improving.

  • We combine passion, creativity, and mastery

    We’re here to share and inspire—both the wider team and ourselves.

“The RAD team combines product research and data science into a single org with the goal of creating, evolving, and improving our customer understanding. As a team, we have a clear mission, strong values, and—best of all—a real sense of community.”

Karen Church, VP of Research, Analytics and Data Science

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    RAD brings together our Product Research and Product Analytics teams into a single org with the goal of creating, evolving, and improving a holistic understanding of our customers across Intercom.
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  • Understanding the “aha” moments in your product

    Lynsey Duncan, one of our product researchers, talks about the anatomy of “aha” moments, and what it means when your customers are experiencing them in your product.
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  • Finding the metrics that matter for your product

    Nick Odlum, our analytics manager, and Kevin McNally, a data scientist and machine learning engineer, put their heads together to share some advice on how to make metrics work for you - an interesting insight into the way we think.
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  • Searches, notifications & emoji: What data reveals about people

    Here’s a piece from RAD-boss (yeah, we said that) Karen Church, talking about how data offers a window into human nature. See what you can learn from this!
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