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Guide people to become active, valuable customers

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Use targeted, automated messages to onboard new users, announce new features, and re-engage people that slip away.

Email, in-app & push
Web, iOS & Android
Personalized & automated
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Show new users how to get started

Guide every new user through the first steps in your web or mobile app.


Leave no signup behind

Automatically send email and push notifications to people who drop-off to get them back on track.

Email Push

Case study

See how Vend increased conversion by 30% and reduced churn with Intercom’s automated messages.

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Turn users into power users

Show users how to be successful with targeted messages triggered by time or behavior.

Automatically message people who have created a project:

But haven't shared it with a teammate yet:

and encourage them to do so:


Announce new features and releases

Broadcast big news, drive feature usage, and encourage upgrades by email or in-app.

Featured customer MOZ

We've onboarded 40,000 customers with Intercom. Messaging through email and contextually inside the app has dramatically changed how we engage new users.

Director of Customer Success and Support

Message the right people, in the right place, at the right time

Live User Data Email, In‑App, or Push Platform Targeting Visitor Auto Messages

Trigger messages by time or behavior

Since Intercom tracks everything about your users, it's easy to zero in on the perfect audience without the help of engineers.

Use the right channel

Send in-app messages to capture users in the moment, or re-engage those that have slipped away with email or push.

Choose where your message is seen first

Deliver messages to your iOS app, Android app, web app, or the next place a user is seen.

Invite conversation

Be personal and grab attention by showing the faces of your teammates.

Send the perfect series of messages to each person

Create smart campaigns

Just compose your messages and define the rules that trigger them. Intercom will take care of the rest.

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Design your message

Intercom’s composer enables anyone to create effective email and in-app messages that look great with speed, confidence, and ease.

Rich Message Composer Beautiful Email Templates

Behind the scenes

We designed the composer to let you seamlessly create content-rich emails, in-app messages, and push notifications just as your customers will see them.

Colin Bentley
Product Manager, Intercom

Test and measure

Message Goals A/B Testing

Improve message performance

Test subject lines and message content to optimize opens, clicks, and goal conversions.

Know the true impact of every message

Go beyond opens and clicks. Set and track a goal for every email and in-app message you send to measure actual results like signups, upgrades, and more.

Get insight

See Messages Sent Avoid Over-messaging Compare Performance

Are your messages sending as expected?

Know which messages are being sent the most each day.

Are you spamming customers?

See the people you've messaged most to know if you're sending too many messages.

Are your messages performing?

Sort your messages by open and click rate to identify and improve under-performers.

Deep dive

Check out “12 steps to create a great messaging strategy” by Ruairí Galavan to learn best practices and avoid badly timed or out of place messages that get poor engagement.


Everything you need to turn new signups into active customers.

Auto messages

Auto messages

Send automated messages to leads and users based on their behaviors

Push messages

Push notifications

Use push notifications to engage and retain more mobile app users


Visitor auto message

Proactively reach out to website visitors based on their activity

A b testing

A/B testing

Improve the performance of your messages by testing variants

Custom templates

Custom email templates

Use HTML to create custom emails or import templates from other products

Api integrations

Premium integrations

Connect Intercom with other products: MailChimp, Salesforce, Marketo & more

Email messages

Email messages

Engage leads and users with automated and one-off emails

In app messages

In-app messages

Choose from three message types to send to people inside your web and mobile apps


MailChimp importer

Get started quickly by importing your MailChimp subscribers into Intercom

Message composer

Message editor

Easily create and send personalized email, push and in-app messages without a developer

Message metrics

Message stats and goals

See opens, clicks, and measure if people take specific action in your product

Audience targeting

Audience targeting

Target your customers using events, their segment, sessions, features used — anything

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Early stage company?

Eligible applicants get all of our products for just $49 a month
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