Provide personal customer support at scale

Everything your team needs to solve customer problems faster with an integrated knowledge base and help desk.

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Let customers help themselves with a
knowledge base that constantly improves.
Manage customer requests for help across all channels and respond faster with a modern help desk.

A complete solution for customer support

Help Center
A beautiful knowledge base for people to help themselves
Help people on your website, in your apps, by email, and via social
Team inbox
Respond to people across all channels from a team inbox
Actionable Insights
Measure performance, spot trends, and know how to improve

Give customers a way to help themselves

Let customers get answers to questions on their own so your team can spend time on problems that truly need their assistance.

Help that’s always available
Create and publish content to answer FAQs, share best practices, and more.
Know what to improve and how
Automatically ask people for detailed feedback when an article isn't helpful.
Know what to write next
See what people searched for but didn’t find so you know what content to create next.

“Intercom not only scales our support experience, it improves it.”

Maggie Jan
Director of Developer Advocacy, Keen IO

Work as a team to solve problems customers can’t fix on their own

Our modern help desk lets your team work better together to solve difficult support questions at scale.

Work together in a team inbox
See who’s handling what, collaborate behind-the-scenes, and know who you’re talking to with live profiles.
A modern messaging experience
A fluid, fast, and fun experience for your team and customers with the Intercom Messenger.
Automate repetitive tasks
Auto-assign conversations to a teammate or team based on customer, keywords, and more.

All your support conversations in one place

Provide customer support inside your apps, by email, and via social.

A complete solution to support customers personally at scale

Use help content in support conversations with AI-powered suggestions to solve customer problems faster.

AI-Powered Smart Suggestions
Using machine learning, articles are intelligently recommended for you to share based on each conversation.
Search for articles to share
Typeahead search makes it quick to find the right article to share with a customer.
Show articles in your app
Let customers view and react to articles you share without leaving your app.

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