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Customer Story

3Commas used Intercom to unify customer communications and create stellar experiences at scale

With Jacob Schwartz, Vice President of Customer Experience, and Anna Larionova, Head of Marketing, at 3Commas

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  • 93%


  • 95%

    of customers resolve their support query through the help center and automation

  • 1*

    star increase in Trustpilot rating thanks to efficient automation


3Commas is a crypto-trading platform that enables customers to manage all of their crypto exchange accounts in a single platform.


Tallinn, Estonia



Key features used



Custom Bots

Resolution Bot


Crypto trading platform 3Commas needed to consolidate their communications into a single platform that enabled multilingual support and engagement for their growing customer base. The marketing team wanted more flexibility than their previous set-up offered to be able to send highly targeted messages to customers at the right time and in the right place.

Their previous support solution, Zendesk, didn’t provide the all-in-one solution the team needed. With up to 92% of customers being directed straight to a support agent when they had a query, the team needed a solution that would enable them to scale efficiently – without losing the personal touch. 

Other tools like Salesforce and Zendesk don’t give you as much understanding of customer insights and enable them to self-serve before they get to a human. We needed a solution that could offer an all-in-one multilingual package, and Intercom delivered.
Jacob Schwartz

Vice President of Customer Experience at 3Commas


With Intercom, 3Commas has unified its customer communications and can offer multilingual support and engagement to create strong, consistent experiences across the entire customer journey. Intercom is enabling teams from across the business to work fast and efficiently and build lasting relationships with their customers through personalized communications.

Marketing: the team uses Intercom’s visual campaign builder, Series, to A/B test campaigns and use the insights to create engaging customer experiences. The flexibility of the platform allows them to set up and run campaigns seamlessly and run quick analysis on performance without having to wait for the analytics team, saving valuable time. 

Support: the team leverages Intercom features like Macros to save time and make replying to the 15,000 conversations they receive every month more efficient. Using Custom Bots and Resolution Bot, they can resolve commonly-asked questions and triage queries automatically. Intercom’s automation features make it easy to analyze conversations and drive continuous improvement across the team. These powerful tools have enabled 3Commas to adapt to a growing customer base without having to hire additional support reps to keep up with the volume. 

I’ve worked in companies where marketing and customer support were separate. I love that Intercom allows us all to work in the same platform so there’s a shared overview of all communications that are happening with our customers. It’s very valuable.
Anna Larionova

Head of Marketing at 3Commas