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All-in-one finance management solution Qonto is on a mission to simplify the way businesses manage their finances. Having previously used a ticketing system for their customer support, the team wanted to adopt a more conversational approach in order to provide personal support at scale and build lasting relationships with their customers.

To do that, Qonto turned to Intercom to power their customer communication. The team is committed to ensuring that their 200,000 customers have a seamless experience using the Qonto product. On the operations team – under which customer support sits – there are 50 customer success officers and managers focused on improving operational efficiency across the business and setting their customers up for success.

The opportunities for improvement

When Qonto began its search for a solution that would meet the needs of both the team and its customers, Martin Bouvier, Head of Onboarding, explains that there were a number of opportunities they wanted to seize:

  • Unlocking the ability to scale their support.

  • Improving customer communication.

  • Enhancing self-serve capabilities to make getting support an easier process for customers.

  • Improving UX and giving the team better visibility over the customer journey.

  • Offering multi-channel support while also reducing the number of tools used across the company to eliminate silos between teams.

The team was in search of a modern solution that was more closely aligned with Qonto’s values and ways of working. What they liked about Intercom was its ability to combine powerful elements of conversational support and customer engagement to create a seamless, holistic customer communication experience in a single platform. “We made the switch to Intercom for a number of reasons: the assignment system and UX from a nurture perspective are better, it’s a dynamic platform that’s consistently adding new features, and we’re a fast-growing company, so we wanted to have a partner that had the same growth mindset,” he says.

Driving results across support and engagement

Since implementing Intercom, the team has seen some impressive results, including reducing the median first-response time to just two minutes, driving faster resolutions for their customers, and saving up to 1,058 hours of team time each quarter. Intercom has also enabled them to provide more personal, efficient support experiences for their customers, helping them to maintain a customer satisfaction score of 95%.

On the engagement side, the team has the ability to onboard customers faster, create a better nurture experience for them, and provide helpful documentation exactly when it’s needed. “With email, onboarding and engaging with customers can be a lot more complex – if things need to be re-sent, it can take a lot of time and slow down the process. Email is also a far less human experience. With Intercom, you’re closer to your customers and can get things done faster,” Martin says.

Ongoing education

The team uses Product Tours and Mobile Carousels to create personalized walkthroughs of the Qonto platform for new and existing customers. When a new feature is launched, these tailored tours provide customers with the product education they need to be set up for success – with the added benefit of bringing them through the workflow and having them try it out for themselves. “Being able to help our customers understand all that Qonto can do is becoming increasingly important as we build and add more and more features to our product. Product Tours are really helpful in ensuring that clients benefit fully from Qonto's product,” says Martin.

Providing personal, efficient support

With the Intercom Messenger integrated with the Qonto platform, customers can easily get in touch with the team, access help center articles, or ask Qonto’s custom-built Resolution Bot for help with an issue directly from their interface.

Intercom is helping the team to maintain their impressive median first-response time of two minutes. It also enables them to resolve queries almost instantly and be better set up to answer questions that need a human touch with the enriched customer data that the platform provides. This not only results in a better experience for their customers, but also for the team, with customer success officers now able to work more efficiently and spend more time focusing on complex customer questions.

Leveraging proactive and self-serve support

Qonto leverages proactive support capabilities in Intercom, such as Banners and Outbound Messages, to let customers know when temporary issues or outages arise and that they’re working on them – before the customers need to reach out for support. This has helped to drive down conversation volumes when temporary issues arise, and to free up team time to focus on customer queries that urgently need their attention.

The team also uses self-serve support features like Resolution Bot, Custom Bots, and Articles to offer personalized support at scale. Their Resolution Bot – called “Moshi” – is known to their customers by name, which attests to the strong relationships Intercom enables the Qonto team to build with their customers across all pillars of their support. Currently, Moshi is helping to resolve 10% of all inbound queries automatically and save 1,058 hours every quarter, resulting in increased team efficiency and an improved customer experience. Looking ahead, the team has plans to further expand its use of Resolution Bot with the goal of having it answer up to 30% of common questions coming in through the Messenger.

Qonto uses Intercom’s Articles product to host their help center, enabling them to easily create and serve up relevant help documentation to customers so they can self-serve answers to their questions. “We like that customers are able to access FAQs directly through the Intercom Messenger in our product and can expand the articles in the same window if they need to. It feels like a more integrated experience,” says Martin.

Cross-functional collaboration

The support team at Qonto makes it a priority to work closely with other teams from across the company to ensure the voice of the customer is championed throughout and that every team is aware of customers’ pain points and needs. All teams in Qonto are encouraged to use Intercom to analyze customer interactions and access valuable conversation history to help them solve problems and improve the customer experience.

With the ability to tag and categorize conversations within Intercom, the product team can easily be notified as to how many customers are writing to the support team about specific topics. This helps them identify where there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. When it comes to planning the product roadmap, they have found immense value in being able to jump into Intercom and view chat history with customers to assess their needs and any feature requests they've logged.

Intercom has also been helpful for Qonto’s rating teams, which are responsible for monitoring Qonto’s presence on rating and review sites. Through Intercom, the rating teams can follow up with customers who are unhappy or who have left a mixed review in order to better understand what has happened and how they can improve. When it comes to collaborating, having all customer communication consolidated in one platform enables Qonto to maximize impact. Martin explains, “We wanted to have the product, marketing, tech, and support teams working more closely together to ensure we remain truly customer-centric and fully aware of our clients' preferences and needs."

Best-in-class results

Since implementing Intercom, Qonto has seen very positive results across their customer support, engagement, and overall communication. On the engagement side, the team is now able to onboard customers faster and create better nurture experiences for them. When it comes to support, they’ve been able to drop their median first-response time to just two minutes – while still managing 15,000 conversations across their support channels each week. The team’s CSAT currently sits at an impressive 95%.

“We’re constantly working on delivering the best possible client experience, and Moshi has helped a lot in that respect because it’s enabled the team to have more time to focus on complex queries requiring deeper support,” says Martin. “Across all of the teams that use Intercom, the main benefit is being able to get closer to our customers through chat. We can solve their problem from beginning to end in a short period of time through a fluid conversation.”

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