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Intercom Messenger

The most customizable messenger. Ever.

Style, layout, content—your choice. Our next-generation messenger is designed to match your brand, while creating meaningful customer interactions, too.

Customer messaging that looks like you, powered by us

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    On brand

    Now you can have a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint. Our next-generation messaging software lets you create an easy, engaging Messenger experience that immerses customers in your brand.
  • Flexible

    If you think you’ll need a lot of time, tools, and technical support to customize this Messenger, think again. You can make it your own with absolutely no code. It’s fast, flexible, and fully configurable to your needs.
  • Built for modern customers

    Our Messenger helps you deliver faster answers for site visitors and customers, better onboarding experiences for new users, and a deeper connection with your content—across the entire customer journey.
  • Make every moment in the Messenger count

    Add the Intercom Messenger to your product, app, or website to build ongoing engagement with your customers and foster long-lasting relationships.

    Support your customers with options they’ll love

    Use our powerful customer messaging and support automation where it’s most effective—in your product, app, or website.

    Engage customers when they’re most likely to act

    Our new Messenger helps you engage customers where they’re most likely to take action—in your product, app, or website.

    Better visitor connection. Higher customer conversion.

    Shorten the time between intent and purchase by connecting with visitors when they’re on your website, and most likely to act.

    A custom-designed mobile Messenger

    Customizable navigation options, mobile-only in-app types, and integration options that have your app’s design in mind.

    Personalize your next-generation Messenger at scale

  • In context

    Convert, engage, and support your customers in your product, app, or website.
  • Customizable

    Match your Messenger to the rest of your brand’s look and feel, for a consistent, trustworthy experience.
  • Versatile

    Make your Messenger more relevant for customers across every step of their journey.
  • Flexible

    Design your Messenger to fit all your business, brand, and customer needs.
  • Fast

    Move at a speed that keeps up with today’s internet. No annoying lags, just instantly delivered answers.
  • Modern

    Reach a wider audience on a communication channel made for how your customers expect to connect with you.
  • Support customers when and where it works best for them

    Don’t limit the conversations you can have with your customers. With our omnichannel offering, reach your users wherever they want: email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

  • 3-4x

    Intercom’s in-app messaging earns 3–4x more engagement than email

  • 68%

    Intercom’s Messenger reduces first-response time by 68%

  • 83%

    Article suggestions in the Messenger home screen increase help center engagement by 83%

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