A better way to connect with mobile users. It’s personal at scale.

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start conversations and ask for feedback

Start personal conversations and get quality feedback

encourage action with in-app messages

Encourage action with targeted, event-triggered in-app messages

help users inside your app

Support users right inside your iOS or Android app

Encourage action with rich in-app messages

Helping thousands of web and mobile businesses connect with millions of users

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See who your users are, and what they’re doing in your app

From the minute you install Intercom you’ll see who your users are, and you can track anything they do in your app. For free.

track app logins of users
track app logins of users

Live data & filters

With live data you can apply filters to answer questions about your users, like what actions they do or don't take.

apply filters to segment users

User segments

Intercom automatically segments users by who's new, active, and slipping away. You can create your own custom segments too.

automatically segment users based on app engagement

Rich profiles

Get a complete picture of every user with profiles that are always up-to-date with location, activity, anything.

see rich profiles of user behavior on your app


Keep users engaged from day one

Encourage action with targeted in-app and email messages, automatically triggered by time or behavior.


Send automated, targeted messages to show every user how to get the most from your app.


Use push notifications to make announcements and keep users active.


Automatically email inactive users to bring them back to your app.

send targeted messages to activate new users
use push notifications to keep users engaged
message inactive users to bring them back

Create and send rich in-app and email campaigns in minutes

  • Target your audience

    Use live data to ensure your messages go to the right users, in the right place.

  • Compose your message

    Create personalized email and in-app messages that look great with speed, confidence, and ease.

  • Measure results

    See opens, clicks, and goal conversions as they happen and a/b test variations.

Target the right users for messages Create and design messages for mobile users Message abandoned users to learn why they leave

Mobile app feedback made simple

Understand why people use certain features, why they don’t, and why some stop using your app altogether.

Ask the right users

Start targeted conversations with users based on who they are and what they do in your app.

Use lightweight replies

Make it easy for users to give feedback and get quick results that are easy to digest.

Learn why users churn

Automatically email users when they stop using your app to learn why.

Ask the right users for feedback
Make it easy for users to give feedback
Message abandoned users to learn why they leave

Make informed product decisions

  • Identify the right users

    In a few clicks you can find the right users to ask for feedback.

  • Get feedback at scale

    Lightweight replies give you measurable results that are easy to digest.

  • Respond and organize

    Have conversations with users and tag specific feedback so you can find it again later.

Segment your user base to find the right audience Obtain user feedback efficiently Talk with mobile users to prioritize their issues


Support users inside your app

Give users the best experience by making it easy to get help where and when they need it the most.

Let users ask for help

Put the Messenger anywhere in your app so users can ask for help where they need it.

Push your response

Push notifications let users know when you reply, even if they close your app.

Email as backup

Your response will go to your user’s email inbox if your message goes unread.

Allow users to ask for help in your mobile app
Support users via push notification responses
Support users via email

Work together and move faster in a live team inbox

  • Collaborate

    Use mentions, private notes, and assignments to loop in teammates to answer difficult questions.

  • Be efficient

    Reply to common questions in a flash with saved replies that are personalized for every user.

  • Understand performance

    See how busy your team is, when they’re busiest, and who’s busiest.

Work together to support customers from a shared inbox Use canned replies for faster customer support Track team performance and key metrics'

The Intercom advantage


Seamlessly message users across your web, iOS, and Android apps.


Send push notifications, in-app messages, and emails to talk to users inside your app or out.


One integrated platform for product feedback, marketing, and support.