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Intercom for mobile apps

A custom-designed mobile Messenger

Customizable navigation options, mobile-only in-app types, and integration options that have your app’s design in mind.
A custom-designed mobile Messenger

The best of both worlds

Provide a seamless experience for users across desktop and mobile.

  • Portrait of Steph Drilon of Sidekicker

    “We automatically resolve 25% of customer queries across desktop and mobile using Intercom bots.”

    Steph Drilon
    Head of Community Operations
  • Portrait of Katia Oversby of Sidekicker

    “We’ve found in-app messages to be the most effective way to increase engagement with our mobile users.”

    Katia Oversby
    Community Operations Consultant
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Your mobile toolkit

  • Business Messenger

    Engage mobile users with real-time support and personalized messaging, including push notifications, email, and in-app messages, to help them get the most out of your mobile app—and keep them coming back.

  • Self-serve support

    Offer access to helpful articles through the Business Messenger, or automatically resolve 33% of questions with Resolution Bot directly within your mobile app.

    Mobile Carousels

    Create beautiful, customizable carousel screens to educate, engage, and support mobile app customers. No code needed.

    Onboard, engage, and support customers—all within your mobile app.
    The nuts and bolts
    • Small SDKs

      SDKs so small they’ll barely make a dent in your app size.

    • Cross-platform

      Available for iOS, Android, React Native, and Cordova.

    • Native experience

      Customers get personalized support and messaging without ever leaving your app.

    • Easy to install

      You'll be up and running in minutes, literally.