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Calls and conversations all in one place

Use phone calls, video calls, and screen sharing to troubleshoot
customer issues faster with modern, native phone support.

Everything you need to deliver fast,
personalized phone support

  • Get calls in your inbox

    Make and receive phone calls from the inbox so your team has all the context they need to solve important issues and follow-up efficiently.

  • Screen share with customers

    Troubleshoot issues by screen sharing with voice or video calls through the messenger to help customers get better, faster resolutions.

  • Automate phone workflows

    Route, assign, or automate calls with fully customizable, no-code IVR trees that shorten wait times and increase team productivity.

Phone calls

Make and receive calls
right from the inbox

  • Receive calls with context

    Receive inbound calls with customer information in the inbox to help your team easily solve customer issues.

  • Make calls when it matters

    Use outbound calls to follow up on ongoing issues or provide a more personalized experience.

  • Local and toll-free numbers

    Set up a new number directly on Intercom or use existing numbers to maintain your current workflows.

  • One omnichannel inbox

    Calls, emails, tickets and conversations all connected in one shared inbox.

Messenger calls

From conversation to call
for faster resolutions

  • Move to voice and video

    Transition messenger conversations into voice or video calls to save time and reduce effort.

  • Screen share with customers

    See what your customers see by screen sharing through messenger for easier troubleshooting.

  • Messenger-first experience

    Voice, video, and screen sharing are available in messenger for the most seamless customer experience.

IVR Workflows

Custom IVR trees
built on Workflows

  • No-code automation

    Customizable interactive voice response (IVR) trees help you automate calls—no code required.

  • Route and assign calls

    Assign calls to your team, schedule for later, and forward to external numbers when you’re out of office.

  • Create personalized experiences

    Personalize phone support with on-brand greetings and custom actions based on who the customer is.


Tools to optimize your team’s
call performance and quality

  • Switch
    Reduce wait times and call volume by giving customers the choice to switch to messaging.
  • Call reporting
    Monitor and optimize call performance with real-time dashboards and trend reports.
  • Recordings & transcripts
    Access recordings & transcripts for referencing, quality assurance, and performance insights.
  • Voicemail

    Turn on transcribed voicemails to easily understand and return customer calls.

  • Phone availability controls

    Manage your team’s phone availability from the admin settings to ensure you’re meeting demand.

  • Call wrap-up time

    Set the amount of time agents have after a call to wrap-up before accepting new calls.

  • Caller ID

    Automatically identify the customer on incoming calls and have full context before the call starts.

  • Mute, hold & transfer

    Mute, hold and transfer calls to other teams to collaborate and escalate as needed.

  • Phone integrations

    Integrate with your existing call center so all phone support data is synced and accessible.

“Using Intercom Phone ensures all our conversations are logged in one platform, with easy access to previous messages and company data. Even though Deliverect is a chat first company, we see value in calling a customer to solve a complex issue faster or add a personal touch to the customer experience.”

Christian Osmundsen , Global Head of Customer Experience