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Intercom on Sales

This book covers six topics that are crucial to successfully scaling your revenue.

Intercom on Sales
Intercom on Sales
Intercom on Sales

Every company that wants to survive in today’s competitive environment is in pursuit of one thing – faster growth.

In this book, we take you inside our journey to building a billion dollar business. You’ll get tested frameworks for rapidly scaling your sales team and revenue, plus 10 worksheets you can use right away, like a guide to account planning. We'll share the lessons we learned on:


As a company grows, sales naturally evolves from being one team to teams of teams. But in order for more people to result in more revenue, you need a well-defined plan.


To drive sustainable growth for the long term, you need to build a solid foundation to scale your sales team, measure its performance and optimize for continued success.


It’s time to adopt a modern sales approach – one that is on demand and caters to prospects’ needs first. Here’s what you need to know about real-time sales strategies.


There are hundreds of tactics that your sales reps can use to sell your product. But which ones will actually help them close more deals? And which ones will scale?


Real cross-functional collaboration is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. Here’s how we’ve approached aligning sales with product, marketing and support at Intercom.


Establishing a path to predictable revenue is only the start. To maintain your edge in the market, you need to constantly seek out ways to accelerate that growth.

“This book is jam-packed with the kind of practical wisdom that can only be learned on the front lines — the kind I like to read and I hope you will, too.”

Jason Lemkin, CEO