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Intercom for VC Backed Startups

Grow your startup,
for free, with Intercom

Your startup deserves a head start. Give it a great one with 12 free months on the Intercom for Startups Program—and use our all-in-one communications platform for engaging, onboarding, and supporting your customers.
Grow your startup, <br>for free, with Intercom

Program Benefits

  • 100%

    off for the first year

  • 50%

    off for the second year

  • 20%

    off continuous discount

Who’s eligible?
  • Early Stage

    ✔ Series A or lower in funding

  • Small team

    ✔ 25 or fewer employees

  • Venture backed

    ✔ Referred by an Intercom for Startup partner

  • New customer

    ✔ Not currently an Intercom customer

Intercom is the all-in-one customer platform


  • 5,000

    startups from top incubators around the world choose Intercom

  • 84%

    of new Y Combinator companies that use a messaging tool choose Intercom

Our secret to sustainable growth: Intercom has allowed us to scale the company (and ourselves) while catering to our entire funnel, from signing up prospects to up-selling to our best customers.

Thomas Maremaa, CEO and Founder

Join other fast growing startups using Intercom
  • What does the Intercom for Startups Program cover?

    The discount covers Support Pro, Engagement Pro, and Product Tours. You can see all features included on the Pro plan here. Add-ons such as HIPPA, WhatsApp, Surveys, SMS, and Resolution Bot are not included.

  • What are the requirements to join?

    To join, you need to be referred by an approved partner, have fewer than 25 employees, and have raised series A level funding or less. You can find the list of approved referral partners in the application.

  • What happens after the first year?

    After the first year with the program, you’ll receive a 50% discount for your second year with Intercom, and a 20% discount each year after that until you surpass series A funding.

  • What if I’m beyond series B?

    If your company is series B or greater, you should connect with our Sales team via our Messenger to explore additional Intercom benefits.

  • I want this discount to be available to my portfolio companies. How can I become a partner?

    You can apply to be a partner here. Our team will review your application and get back to you.

Intercom Startup Partner Program

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