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Conversational Customer Engagement

Engage customers at an all-new level

Grow revenue with targeted outbound messages to increase adoption, onboard customers and drive action.

Key features

  • Dai Wilson
    Overall we have seen in-app messages convert 8x higher than the same messages sent by email.
    Dai Wilson
    VP of Sales & Growth Marketing, GetAccept
  • Veena Gupta Photo
    Announcing new features through Intercom is the most effective way our users become aware of what we're building.
    Veena Gupta
    Head of Online Sales & Ops, Coda

What makes our Conversational Customer Engagement solution different

Tailor-made messages, en masse

Segment customers and trigger outbound email, push, website or in-product content based on what they’re doing and where.

Stand out with Mobile Carousels

Create beautiful, customizable carousel screens to educate, engage, and support mobile app customers at every touchpoint.

Drive adoption with Product Tours

Guide customers through their first steps, highlight what's new, and give proactive guidance at scale.

Announcements with impact

Share product updates or promotions by email, and drive customers to your website or product to take action.

Automate an even better customer experience

Create multichannel campaigns and optimize performance with the advanced customer engagement add-on:

  • Re-engage mobile users with push messages

  • Create sophisticated message journeys with smart campaigns

  • Optimize performance with A/B testing


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Intercom on Customer Engagement

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