Customer Engagement
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Turn new signups into active, valuable customers

Send targeted messages to onboard users, make announcements, and re-engage people.

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Our Customer Engagement solution is powered by our Engage product

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Onboard & retain customers
Dot Auto Messages
Dot Email Campaigns
Dot Message A/B Testing
Dot Message Insights

Send targeted messages to your customers with ease

Target your audience in seconds
Segment your audience using events and attributes like their plan, monthly spend, sessions, features used–anything
Compose rich messages
Use the best channel for your message: email, in-app, or push
Test and measure results
Use goals to track and measure in-product behaviors to know the real winner of your a/b tests

Give every customer a personalized onboarding experience

Welcome new signups
Introduce yourself and show people how to get started right when they sign up
Turn new users into active users
Guide people through their first steps in your product to help them realize its value
Keep people engaged and active
Send push and email messages to people who aren’t logging in, or aren’t making progress

Scale your customer onboarding with intelligent automation

Just write your messages and define the rules that trigger them. Intercom will send the perfect series to each person.

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Make targeted announcements to drive adoption

Tailor your message to each audience
Send the right message to the right people through the right channel
Increase usage of new features
Announce your new feature by email, then follow-up with an in-app message to help people start using it
Drive mobile app updates and share what's new
Push people to update their app then show them what’s new once they do

Automatically upsell and cross-sell customers at the perfect time

Convert people from free to paid
Prompt people to upgrade when they reach a feature limit or run out of time
Upsell people to your pro plan
Promote features on your pro plan when people need them most
Cross-sell additional products and services
Target the right customers and cross-sell complementary products

Connect Intercom to tools you already use

Out-of-the-box integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce, Github, Clearbit, and more. Flexible APIs, webhooks, and tools.

Customer Engagement
Powered by: Engage
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