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Work as a team to resolve customer problems faster

Manage help requests across all channels with a collaborative team inbox.

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Our Help Desk solution is powered by our Respond product

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Move fast and stay personal

A collaborative team inbox provides all the context you need to support customers faster and smarter.

Customer and company profiles
Know who you’re talking to – see their location, activity and more.
Real-time updates
See what’s being handled so you know who to help next.
Notes and mentions
Loop in teammates on tough questions to collaborate behind-the-scenes.
Recent Conversations
See recent conversations with leads and users.

Automatically assign conversations

Create rules to route conversations to the right team or teammate based on the customer, keywords, and more.


A help desk designed to scale your support

Free up your team to support more customers by automating repetitive tasks.

Smart inbox suggestions
Our bot, Operator, recommends articles for you to share in conversations.
Saved Replies
Reply quickly with canned responses, accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Deliver a better customer experience with live chat

Help customers in a way that’s simple, personal, and fun.

Teammate Profiles
Express yourself by showing the names and faces of your team so customers know there’s a real person on the other end.
Modern messaging
Typing indicators, read receipts, average response time, stickers, and emojis make for a friendly and personal support experience.


Let customers get help in your apps, on your website, by email, and via social.

Understand and act on customer satisfaction

Get quality feedback with customer satisfaction surveys.

Conversation ratings
Operator collects in app and email feedback.
Integrated feedback
Stay motivated with positive customer feedback delivered right to the team inbox.

Measure performance and plan ahead

Track your team’s performance and workload to set them up for success.

Conversation volume
See how many conversations customers start with your team and when.
Median response time
Know how long it takes to respond at certain times or on different days.
Teammate workload
See how many replies a teammate sends or conversations they close.

Connect Intercom to tools you already use

Out-of-the-box integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce, Github, Clearbit, and more. Flexible APIs, webhooks, and tools.

Help desk
Powered by: Respond
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