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Customer Story

Perimeter 81 generates 218% more leads with Intercom

With Yarin Hochman, Growth Marketing Manager at Perimeter 81

At a glance
  • 600%

    increase in revenue booked through Intercom

  • 93%


  • 218%

    increase in leads generated from Intercom


Perimeter 81 is a cloud-based cybersecurity system focused on enabling IT teams around the world to manage security safely.


Tel Aviv, Israel



Key features used


Apps & Integrations


Israel-based cloud and network cybersecurity solution Perimeter 81 needed a customer communications platform that would enable the team to drive growth. Having previously used Drift, the team felt that the platform wasn't well suited to their customers' specific needs, so they sought to implement a solution that would allow them to provide stellar support to existing customers, while also being able to engage and convert new customers through their website.


Perimeter 81 was able to create a unique marketing operations ecosystem, with Intercom at its core, by combining the platform with a number of powerful integrations, such as Salesforce, Chili Piper, and Clearbit. With all of these systems integrated with Intercom, the team's core tools are able to talk to one another, which enables Perimeter 81 to gather valuable customer data.

Armed with these insights, the team can cleverly segment the visitors to their website and use the Intercom Messenger to deliver relevant content and product information, depending on a visitor’s level of intent or the page they’re looking at. This has allowed the team to increase monthly revenue booked through Intercom by a staggering 600%, as well as boost the number of leads generated through the platform by 218%.

Custom Bots have been super successful for us, judging by the revenue booked through Intercom, which has increased by 600% in less than a year.
Yarin Hochman

Growth Marketing Manager at Perimeter 81