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Customer Engagement auf Gesprächsbasis

Kohärente und koordinierte Kampagnen

Senden Sie einmalige Nachrichten oder planen Sie vollständig integrierte Kampagnen, die Kunden zum Handeln bewegen – sowohl innerhalb als auch außerhalb Ihrer App.

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Wichtigste Funktionen

Plenty of ways to message your customers

Reach your customers directly in your product with in-product messages.
In-product messages
  • Chats & posts

    Share automated messages with quick, conversational chats, or use attention-grabbing posts for more important updates.

  • Product Tours

    Guide users through your app with step-by-step messages so they get the best experience.

  • Chatbots

    Engage users proactively with bots that answer common questions, gather insightful customer info, and more.

  • Banners

    Reach your customers without interrupting them—fully customizable Banners do the trick at the top or bottom of your app or website.

Get your customers back into your app by reaching them via push notifications and customizable mobile screens.
  • Push notifications

    Use announcements to encourage your inactive customers to get back into your app, or to also share updates, new features, and promotions.

  • Mobile Carousels

    Share updates, request app permissions, offer promotions, and more with fully customizable mobile screens that match the look of your app.

  • Email

    Send equally personalized and automated emails as a one-time push, or as part of an ongoing re-engagement campaign.

  • Fall-back messages

    Guarantee in-product messages still reach your customers—even when they’re offline—with emails that automatically send them your latest updates.

  • Dai Wilson
    Insgesamt verzeichnen wir eine 8-mal höhere Konversionsrate bei In-App-Nachrichten als wenn dieselben Nachrichten per E-Mail gesendet werden.
    Dai Wilson
    VP of Sales & Growth Marketing, GetAccept
  • Veena Gupta Photo
    Die Ankündigung neuer Funktionen über Intercom ist die effektivste Methode, unsere Benutzer darüber zu informieren, was wir entwickeln.
    Veena Gupta
    Head of Online Sales & Ops, Coda

Tools to send your best messages ever

  • Series

    Orchestrate cohesive messages across tons of channels—inside your app and out—with our visual campaign builder.

  • Split testing

    Test individual messages or entire messaging series to determine what types of campaigns perform best.

  • Advanced targeting

    Target customers specifically based on who they are and how they’ve engaged with your product and messages.

  • Apps & integrations

    Use apps in your messages to collect things like NPS, and connect Intercom to the rest of your tech stack with our 260+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Automatisieren Sie ein noch besseres Kundenerlebnis

Erstellen Sie Multichannel-Kampagnen und optimieren Sie die Performance mit dem Add-on Erweitertes Customer Engagement:

  • Reaktivieren Sie mobile Benutzer mithilfe von Push-Nachrichten

  • Erstellen Sie komplexe Message-Journeys mit intelligenten Kampagnen

  • Optimieren Sie die Performance mit A/B-Tests

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