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Product Tours

Connect the dots from sign-up to success

Introduce customers to your product with guided experiences that drive adoption.
Connect the dots from sign-up to success

Drive onboarding and adoption

Help customers discover everything they need to know about your product with interactive tours.

  • Onboard users to your product image

    Onboard users to your product

    Create interactive guides to walk new sign-ups through the steps to get started.
  • Spotlight new features image

    Spotlight new features

    Boost feature adoption by highlighting what’s new in your product at the perfect time.
  • Erase customer pain points image

    Erase customer pain points

    Give customers proactive guidance that keeps them out of the support inbox.

Code-free and super simple

These polished, engaging tours won’t tie up your designers and engineers.

“Product Tours allowed us to save hundreds of development hours compared to a custom-built solution.”

Seth Greenlaw, Community Manager

Powerful, flexible features

Everything you need to create delightful experiences and measure engagement.

  • Code-free builder

  • Audience targeting

  • Templates

  • Multipage tours

  • Click-to-advance

  • Reporting

Statistics - 4x Hike, 7x claim, 10% Harvestr
  • 4x

    “New users who took the tour activated at 4x our current rate.”

    Andy Allen, Co-founder and Director, Hike SEO
  • 7x

    Product Tours gets 7x more customer engagement than email.

    Data from beta customers
  • 10%

    “We’ve increased our activation rate by 10%.”

    Valentin Huang, Co-founder and CEO, Harvestr

Product Tours works with all of Intercom