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Scaling support: How Synthesia meets the needs of a fast-growing customer base with Intercom's AI-powered chatbot, Fin

With David Morgan, Revenue Operations Manager at Synthesia

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Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that enables users to create studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in 120+ languages.


London, England, United Kingdom


AI, Software

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David Morgan, Revenue Operations Manager at Synthesia, knows a thing or two about rapid growth. As an AI video generation platform, Synthesia has been on the frontlines of the AI revolution that has been unfolding over the past year – and has gained a ton of new customers along the way.

"We were one of the first companies to build a video creation platform powered by generative AI, and, as a result, were also an early adopter of AI throughout our entire business,” says David. “Our goal is to radically change the process of content creation and unleash human creativity for good."

Working with iconic brands, Synthesia’s customer base has high expectations when it comes to customer service. When David and his team decided to embrace Intercom and its AI-powered chatbot, Fin, they weren’t just looking for a quick fix to help them manage rising support volume. Their goal is to provide the fastest possible service to their customers, so they wanted a long-term solution that would enable them to streamline operations and elevate the entire support experience by providing personal and efficient support.

Accelerating customer success

As the business was growing at lightning speed, Synthesia knew that customer service couldn’t take a back seat. With a comprehensive product offering that often prompts questions from customers looking to learn the ropes, the team went in search of a scalable, innovative customer service platform to help them manage their high support volume – which is what brought them to Intercom.

"We have several common topics that just have a huge volume. You know, we're seeing lots of people messaging about any one of these topics on a daily basis," says David. "We're really trying to provide our customers with that perfect experience, and Intercom’s platform seamlessly combines the human support experience with powerful elements of AI, which suits our customers – and our business – down to the ground.”

Enter, Fin

As trailblazers in the AI space, Synthesia understands the huge potential AI tools offer when it comes to making support more efficient. They decided to roll out Fin, Intercom’s AI-powered chatbot, to take advantage of the new opportunity. "Intercom has been very useful for us," says David. "On a monthly basis, we have 35,000 interactions coming to the support team. Without Intercom and Fin, there's no way we'd be able to maintain or monitor that level of traffic."

David explains that Intercom is helping to bridge the gap between human and AI-driven support, which has been a game-changer for both Synthesia’s team and customers. “Now, we’re able to offer a great self-service experience to our customers and have our human agents jump in to help with more complex issues. It’s the best of both worlds,” he says. “We can also track our customers’ most common issues in Intercom and use those insights to train our support reps, which has been a big help and saved us a lot of time.”

Strong inputs = stronger outputs

Integrating Fin was a no-brainer for an AI-first company like Synthesia, but it wasn’t without its hurdles. While the setup was quick, performance took a little more effort.

“When we first turned it on, it didn’t work as well as we’d hoped,” David reveals. The team quickly realized that the broken link was their help content. "Fin only works as well as the content that you put into it," he adds. So, the team took a step back to reassess and fine-tune their content. Once that was done, the impact they saw with Fin was immediate. “We instantly saw a 7% reduction in human-supported requests,” says David. “Improving our content enabled Fin to automatically resolve more of our customers’ queries and freed up our support team’s capacity to focus on larger and more complex issues.”

Within six months, Fin had resolved over 6,000 conversations, saved the team over 1,300 hours and pushed self-serve support rates as high as 87%.

The Synthesia team learned valuable lessons from their initial challenges. "It wasn't too difficult to implement it, we just had to ensure our content was ready," says David. Today, Fin is an essential part of Synthesia's customer service tech stack, aligning perfectly with the team’s vision for rapid but manageable growth.

Without Intercom or the type of technology they provide, it'd be challenging to manage your business.
David Morgan

Revenue Operations Manager at Synthesia

A blueprint for success

For customer support leaders who are tasked with balancing rapid growth with efficient, scalable support, there’s a clear message to be taken away from Synthesia’s experience: the right technology can make all the difference. “Intercom is an innovator in the support space. When it comes to product releases, we hear tickets, we hear Fin – we jump on it,” says David. “Without Intercom or the type of technology they provide, it'd be challenging to manage your business.”