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Customer Story

How fueled growth by building a loyal and dedicated customer base

With Emery Wells, CEO

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  • 2014


  • 400k

    users worldwide

  • 2,000

    conversations per month

Company is a video collaboration company that allows customers to privately upload, review, and share media with their team and clients, anywhere in the world.


New York, NY Industry

Media collaboration

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In a few short years, has upended the traditional model of video collaboration with a modern, cloud-based solution. The platform is both fast and intuitive, racking up an impressive list of customers including BuzzFeed, TED, Snapchat, Cirque Du Soleil, and Spotify. To make sure that customers get the most out of the platform, trusts Intercom to communicate with their customers in a way that’s personal, proactive, and simple to use.

Starting out

When launched in 2015, the co-founders chose Intercom not only because it offered a set of tools to communicate in a targeted, personal way, but because it served as a single platform to track and manage their users. “Intercom is the home base for our customers on our backend. Every other tool we use in our ecosystem connects to Intercom,” says CEO Emery Wells. office

In the early days, the team primarily used Intercom for onboarding emails and answering their customers’ questions over chat. Even as a small team with limited resources, they could run A/B tests to optimize campaigns and send targeted messages to engage customers with relevant, timely content.

In one case, they proactively messaged users in certain locations to inform them their region could experience slow speeds due to local infrastructure and large file sizes. These personal, targeted messages led to positive feedback from their users who appreciated the heads-up and even reported back to the team about the platform’s performance in those locations.

When customers needed help, Intercom made it easy for them to talk with the team – even when it was just the co-founders.

“For the first year of, my co-founder and I would spend countless hours talking with customers. I think so many of those conversations gave us a foundation of very loyal and dedicated customers,” says CEO Emery Wells.

Intercom Messenger in
Intercom Messenger in

Scaling With Growth

To meet the demand, Brett Rush joined the team as the Head of Support to manage over 175,000 users across the world. Brett used Intercom to streamline all their customer communications across their web, mobile, and Adobe Premiere applications. Customer support requests submitted from different products and channels – including Facebook – are organized in one place so the team never has to switch between applications or browser tabs to access a conversation.

Looking ahead, Brett wants to continue to build a robust series of inboxes that segment and organize conversations using live user data and assignment rules. Additionally, the team will continue to create proactive messages that address common customer questions. The goal – a customer support experience that grows and improves with the company.

Brett Rush, Head of Support
As a start-up, Intercom is an easy choice. It’s a platform with a combination of products that’s truly unique and accomplishes multiple jobs around customer communication. At the highest level that was the biggest differentiating point for us.
Emery Wells