Fin in Inbox launch hero

Fin is now in the inbox: Meet your support team’s new AI assistant

Customer service is undergoing rapid change as customer expectations rise, placing higher and higher demands on your team.

But meeting these expectations without modern technology is incredibly difficult and comes at a high price: your team’s time. Time spent gathering customer context, tailoring replies, and completing repetitive tasks is costing your support team precious hours that would be better spent helping your customers.

Your support team may already know Fin, our AI chatbot, which can resolve over 50% of support issues instantly. Now the power of Fin is also in the inbox. Fin AI features help your team instantly summarize conversations, personalize replies, and automate tasks – allowing them to focus on delivering more value for your customers.

Understand context instantly with Fin AI Summarize

When a conversation gets handed over, most support teams are forced to spend valuable time scrolling through messages and information just to get up to speed. That’s wasted minutes and effort which could be better spent resolving issues with customers.

“Fin AI Summarize instantly generates a concise summary of a customer’s issues and conversations”

Fin AI Summarize instantly generates a concise summary of a customer’s issues and conversations, giving your team the context they need to resolve them efficiently. You can also use Workflows to automatically add Fin AI summaries to conversations so your whole team can benefit.

Personalize replies with Fin AI Compose

How do you maximize team efficiency without sacrificing the human touch? Canned responses lack a personal tone making them feel inauthentic – and copying and pasting similar replies is a huge time sink.

Fin AI Compose can personalize replies in multiple ways:

  • Rephrase your message to match your unique tone of voice based on your previous responses.

  • Make your tone more friendly or formal, depending on the context of the conversation.
  • Automatically fix spelling and grammar errors.
  • Expand a message to fill in important gaps and provide full context.
  • Translate your reply into 10 languages including: Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Hebrew, Croatian, Turkish, or French. Magnifique!

Auto-populate ticket details with Fin AI Autofill

Why should your team have to manually fill in ticket details when that information already exists in the conversation? Getting bogged down manually entering details slows down the race to resolution for time-strapped support teams. Now when a conversation gets converted to a ticket, Fin AI Autofill automatically fills in the ticket title and description, saving support reps valuable time and energy.

The future of customer service is human + AI

At Intercom, we believe that the future of customer service is human + AI – people providing great service to their customers using AI-powered tools that enhance the efficiency and quality of that support. With these powerful new features, we make the vision of seamless human + AI customer support a reality.

Want to start elevating your customer service with AI? Find out more about Intercom’s AI-powered inbox here.