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Our AI chatbot Fin now supports your customers in 45 languages

Last year we launched Fin, a breakthrough AI chatbot that resolves your customers’ queries automatically by generating accurate, conversational answers based solely on your support content.

Since then, we’ve launched over 20 new improvements to Fin, including answer streaming, clarifying answers, new content sources, answer-level reporting, and more.

Starting this week, Fin’s ability to answer customer questions in 45 different languages is officially out of beta and into general access for all Intercom users. This represents another step change in customer support where today the typical route to automating multilingual responses involves configuring traditional chatbots – which requires a lot of time and effort (duplicated over the number of languages your team supports).

With Fin, AI-first multilingual support is available out of the box, for any of these 45 languages where you have the corresponding support content:

Multilingual for Fin has enabled powerful new use cases including AI-powered customer service, automatic customer resolutions, and 24/7 support for new countries and for non-English speaking customers. Multilingual for Fin makes it easier than ever to offer consistent, repeatable support wherever your customers are and in whatever language they interact in.

During the open beta, we saw our customers’ average resolution rate increase by 7 percentage points.

Learn more about how to set up and monitor Fin’s multilingual capabilities here.

How Deliverect reduces support volume with Fin multilingual

Deliverect is an all-in-one solution for restaurants and other businesses that sell food online – seamlessly connecting online sales channels with existing point of sale or enterprise resource planning systems. They were also one of the earliest adopters of multilingual for Fin.

“With one click we were able to reduce volumes for our bilingual and trilingual agents by more than 30%”

Ed Leurebourg, Global CX Operations Manager at Deliverect, describes multilingual for Fin as, “an essential tool for global support operations”. Deliverect operates in over 40 markets with offices in 14 countries so the need for customer service tools that can adapt to this diverse customer base is critical. “Fin’s multilingual capabilities have enabled us to offer localized help, support, and explanations” says Ed. “With one click we were able to reduce volumes for our bilingual and trilingual agents by more than 30%.”

Evaluating how Fin performs in different languages

It’s also incredibly easy to keep on top of Fin’s performance across the different languages and regions where you offer support. Simply filter the Fin report by language to see resolution rate, deflection rate, answer rate, involvement rate and more (including our newest report for unresolved questions).

What’s next for Fin?

We believe that AI will completely transform customer service, which is why we’re all in on AI-first customer service. Our team will continue to work hard and fast to make Fin more impactful, so your team can resolve even more queries faster and provide world-class customer experiences.

Fin can reduce your support volume, unlock 24/7 support, give hours back to your support team, and takes minutes to activate. Try Fin now by testing it with your own help center or start a free trial.

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