Intercom on Product: The evolution of product management in the age of AI

Product management is at a critical juncture – one where the traditional PM methodologies are being tested by the emerging realities of tomorrow’s technology.

In the age of generative AI, the ways in which products are conceived, built, and used are being reshaped, and the role of product managers redefined. The AI opportunity is obvious, but it has prompted interesting debates in the field of product management about how the technology can be effectively leveraged to solve real problems, and what it means for product managers in the long term.

This week on the Intercom on Product podcast, our VP of Product Brian Donohue and Senior Product Manager Julia Godinho delve into the evolving landscape of product management, exploring the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in this new era.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Embrace curiosity as a catalyst for innovation: Curiosity is not just a desirable trait in product management, it’s a necessity. Generative AI presents new possibilities that were previously unimaginable, making it crucial for product managers to truly embrace a curiosity mindset in order to drive the exploration of this technology and its applications.
  • Maintain a focus on solving problems: Indiscriminately incorporating AI into products is risky. It’s important to understand how the technology is solving real user problems and ensure it serves as a means to an end, not an end in itself.
  • Be aware of varied perceptions of AI: Product managers must navigate the wide range of customer attitudes towards AI – from enthusiasm to skepticism – and tailor their approach accordingly. Users are only gradually developing familiarity with the technology and confidence in its value.
  • Technical savvy is essential, but collaborative skills prevail: While a foundational understanding of AI and its capabilities is important, the ability to collaborate effectively with AI and ML experts is critical in this new era. The best product managers are those who can bridge the gap between what’s technically possible and what the customer needs to solve a problem.
  • A willingness to learn and adapt is crucial: Product managers have always needed to be agile learners and adaptable thinkers, and AI has only amplified this. The future of product management in an AI-driven world will be shaped by those who are open to change and enthusiastic about exploring the art of the possible.

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