The Ticket: How Fin AI Copilot changes the game for support teams

Every support rep wishes they had their own personal AI assistant in the inbox, right? Now you can with our latest groundbreaking product release, Fin AI Copilot.

This week on The Ticket podcast, our Senior Director of Automated and Proactive Support, Ruth O’Brien, and our Senior Product Marketing Manager, Olivia Singarella, dive into what Fin AI Copilot is and what big customer problems inspired us to create it. (Spoiler alert: agents were spending way too long in the inbox manually searching for answers). They also share insights into how valuable it’s been for our own Support team and customers, along with our vision for the future of customer service.

Want to learn more about Fin AI Copilot? Check out our announcement video here.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the podcast:

  • You asked, we listened (solving our own customer problems): If you work in customer service, you know the pain of spending hours searching for answers in the inbox, scouring multiple sources and docs across numerous tabs. You know the struggle of troubleshooting complex issues and sifting through an overwhelming amount of information when onboarding. You told us, we listened, and we created Fin AI Copilot in direct response.
  • Save time with instant, accurate answers: With Fin AI Copilot, your support team can simply ask Fin AI Copilot a question in the inbox and it will automatically suggest answers and help you troubleshoot issues. And you can trust the answers Fin provides are accurate because it pulls from your own support content, including past conversations, internal articles (created in Intercom or third-party platforms like Guru and Notion), and public URLs.
  • More time to create remarkable customer experiences: Fin AI Copilot not only boosts agent efficiency but also enriches customer interactions. Your agents can dedicate more time to solving complex issues that require their humanity, specialist knowledge, and empathy, elevating your overall support quality. Your team can go above and beyond in ways you didn’t have time for before.
  • Fin AI Copilot is already generating real results: Even though it’s early days, our beta customers are already achieving incredible results with Fin AI Copilot, with some seeing a 31% increase in efficiency across their team. And it’s taken so much manual work off our own Support team, freeing them up for more strategic tasks.

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