Accelerate your sales cycle with our Microsoft Outlook calendar app for Intercom

Today, we’re launching our app for the Microsoft Outlook calendar, which makes it easier than ever to book meetings with leads and customers, so you can sell more, faster.

Sales meetings are a critical step in your sales funnel, whether you’re focused on closing deals with qualified leads and target accounts or increasing revenue from existing customers. With the Intercom app for the Outlook calendar, you can schedule sales meetings automatically – reducing friction in your funnel, limiting chances for drop off and accelerating your sales cycle.

You can send the app in chat conversations, so your leads and customers can book meetings into your Outlook calendar, right from the Intercom Messenger. Or, you can use chatbots to automatically schedule meetings with qualified leads when they’re live on your website and ready to buy.

The app also allows you to create a personalized and customizable public link for your calendar that you can add to your Intercom profile, your email signature or anywhere you wish. By eliminating the back-and-forth coordination, the app enables you to focus on selling, not scheduling.

Install the app from our Intercom App Store, or read our doc to learn more.