The Ticket: Shep Hyken on getting ahead of the competition with exceptional CX

These days, it’s not enough to provide “good” customer service.

According to Shep Hyken’s latest Achieving Customer Amazement report, companies that want to really stand out need to blow customers away by providing them with amazing experiences they’ll remember. Anyone who simply “satisfies” their customers risks losing them to competitors who go above and beyond – a fact confirmed by nearly a quarter of respondents.

As Shep says:

“Customers are smarter than ever before about what great service looks like. They’ve been trained by the exceptional companies out there. If all they get is an okay experience from you, they’ll have no reservations about trying a competitor next time.”

This week on The Ticket, Shep, a renowned customer service and CX expert, joins Declan Ivory, VP of Customer Support at Intercom, to discuss highlights from his research and emerging trends shaping the future of customer experience.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • CSAT scores don’t paint the full picture: To better predict customer loyalty, you should look beyond the traditional CSAT. Analyzing customer behavior patterns, like how often they make purchases, for example, can provide more insightful metrics.
  • The power of personalization: 81% of customers in the study said they prefer personalized experiences. By understanding customer preferences and tailoring your approach to different segments, you can create a more engaging experience that’ll keep people coming back. AI can help you do this at scale.
  • Inspiration can come from unexpected sources: To stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye on what’s trending – even outside of your own industry. Look to companies you personally love doing business with and see if you can apply any of what they do to your own experience.
  • Human connection remains crucial: Despite AI becoming more widespread in customer service, human connection is critical for creating amazing experiences. Your team’s empathy and care is what will set you apart; AI is what will help you do this at a broader level.

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