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Customer Story

GreenPal supports 300k customers and increased NPS by 60% with Intercom

With Bryan Clayton, CEO and Co-Founder at GreenPal

At a glance
  • 300k


  • 60%+

    increase in NPS

  • 33%

    increase in CSAT


GreenPal is an online marketplace that connects homeowners with lawn care professionals.


Tennessee, USA


Consumer Services

Key features used


Outbound Messages

Stripe Integration


As a growing company, lawn care services provider GreenPal knew how pivotal great customer support and customer feedback are in driving continuous improvement and business growth. With no clear system in place to organize the various emails, phone calls, and support tickets they were inundated with, they realized that they needed a unified communications platform to better understand and more efficiently analyze their customers’ feedback.

When we first started using Intercom, we had an NPS of less than five. Since then, we've increased it to eight. Intercom has played a crucial role in that by enabling us to provide quick, in-context support to our customers and fix their issues.
Bryan Clayton

CEO and Co-Founder at GreenPal


With Intercom, GreenPal was able to consolidate their support channels into a single, unified platform. Having initially implemented the Intercom Messenger on their website, they quickly saw the valuable customer insights the platform provided. Over the past eight years, GreenPal has expanded their use of the platform, now using Intercom across their mobile apps to offer in-context support and gather feedback from their 300,000 customers. This enables them to champion continuous improvement across the business to meet their customers’ needs – as well as drive increased customer loyalty and retention.

With the Stripe integration, the team can pull payments-related data directly into the Intercom Inbox to have to hand when chatting with customers, providing helpful context and resulting in a better, more efficient support experience. Intercom gives the team a holistic picture of the entire customer journey, helping them to continue creating stand-out experiences by staying connected to their customers and deeply understanding their needs.