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Announcing Intercom for Enterprise: A whitepaper exploring how we enable large companies to support their customers

As companies scale, they need robust, reliable software that can support their growth.

Since 2011, we’ve been on a mission to make internet business personal, helping our customers connect with their customers through in-context, personalized communications.

As we’ve grown, and our product has matured and expanded, we’ve welcomed thousands of customers – each with their own unique needs and goals. We’ve earned the trust of our customers, and we work hard everyday to keep it. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring that Intercom achieves the scale, reliability, interoperability, and world-class standards of privacy and compliance that our customers need to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Today, we’re excited to announce Intercom for Enterprise; a whitepaper written by leaders across our company that explores how Intercom has scaled to serve customers of all sizes – including the largest businesses.

In five chapters, you’ll learn all about:

  • Intercom’s rigorous security measures.
  • How we maintain high availability.
  • How our infrastructure scales alongside our customers.
  • How Intercom integrates and operates with our customers’ existing tech stacks.
  • How we ensure the highest standards of data privacy and compliance.

“Our holistic approach to availability has allowed us to significantly exceed our target uptime of 99.8% for a number of years”

Here are some of the top takeaways:

  • Our holistic approach to availability has allowed us to significantly exceed our target uptime of 99.8% for a number of years, providing a platform for growth that all our customers can trust.
  • We build on top of a very small set of core technologies, allowing us to develop teams of domain experts to provide world-class observability tooling, scaling, reliability, and secure-by-default build patterns.
  • Every customer has a unique use case and toolset, and we offer integrations, APIs, and webhooks to enable them to design their ideal workflows within and alongside Intercom.
  • We strive for the highest standards of compliance, holding a SOC 2 Type 2 report, a HIPAA attestation report, the ISO 27001 certification, and more.
  • We consider customer data to be one of Intercom’s most critical assets and focus our efforts on protecting it with strong internal security foundations for our product and infrastructure – including continuous risk management, and hiring and cultivating incredible talent on our Information Security team.

There’s so much more information packed into our Intercom for Enterprise whitepaper. Are you looking to maximize your customers’ success with personal, in-context communication? Learn why you can trust Intercom to help uplevel your success.

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