Announcing multichannel transactional messaging: Make sure your customers get the message

We’re excited to announce that you can now send transactional messages using Intercom, empowering you to send all your customer messages from one easy-to-use platform.

And because it’s Intercom, we’ve reimagined what “transactional messaging” looks like. In addition to email, you can now choose from a range of conversational message types – like push notifications, in-product messages, banners – so you can engage and inform your customers in the right place, at the right time, using the channel (or channels) that work best.

With these new transactional messaging capabilities, you can reach your customers where they already are, using timely, relevant, personalized messages that are simple to set up and easy to measure – no engineering team required. These messages can be triggered based on specific customer actions or dates, such as an upcoming subscription renewal or customer birthday. And with our transactional deliverability feature, you can make sure customers always get your transactional emails, even if they’ve unsubscribed from the rest.

What is transactional messaging?

When it comes to messaging your customers, there are some messages you want them to see, and some messages they need to see.

Those need-to-sees are transactional messages. They’re the type of messages your customers need to receive even if they’re unsubscribed from other categories of messages, like promotional ones.

Some examples of transactional messages.

Some examples of transactional messages include:

  • Account creation verification
  • Order or delivery confirmation
  • Password reset
  • Payment expirations
  • Renewal reminders

These transactional messages are an integral part of any customer communication strategy. But until now, most transactional messaging has been done primarily through email.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch transactional messaging in Intercom. With our new multichannel transactional messaging capabilities, you can now manage all of your messaging – promotional and transactional – from one easy-to-use platform.

3 reasons why Intercom’s transactional messaging is a game changer

Here are three ways that our new transactional messaging capabilities will transform your workflow.

1. Reach your customers where they are by using different channels

With most other tools, transactional messaging is delivered by email only. But email isn’t always the best channel for instant, in-the-moment messages.

And as messaging quickly becomes a preferred communication channel for customers, it’s clear that email isn’t always where your customers are – or what they want.

“Because you’re messaging your customers right where they already are, you can reach them at the ideal moment they’re most likely to be engaged”

With a range of message types to choose from in Intercom, you can ensure your customers get the important messages they need, quickly and in-context. Using event-based triggers, you can send relevant messages in real time and enrich them with metadata for an even more personalized experience. And because you’re messaging them right where they already are, you can reach them at the ideal moment they’re most likely to be engaged.

2. Own the messaging from beginning to end – no engineer needed

Until now, setting up and measuring the effectiveness of transactional messages has been difficult and time-consuming because it requires an engineering team. With Intercom’s easy-to-use interface, you can set up and report on transactional messages quickly and easily, allowing you to own the process from start to finish – no coding required.

This also makes it simple to test and iterate on these messages over time (just like you would with your promotional messaging), so you can optimize as you go.

3. Save time with one unified platform for all your customer messaging

No more switching between systems to send all the types of messages your business needs to send – now you can do it all from within Intercom.

No need to waste time toggling between tools. No need to learn to navigate new platforms. And no need to keep paying subscriptions for extra software you don’t need. Reducing the amount of tools in your tech stack saves you time, money, and heartache, improving the employee experience and the customer experience.

5 transactional messages to try today

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 5 examples of how you can use transactional messages.

1. Subscription renewal reminders

Message type: Email
Audience: Users
Event trigger: 30 days before renewal date

Hi there! We’d like to let you know that your Examply subscription is set to automatically renew in 30 days time. Please let your point of contact, [primary owner’s name], know if you have any questions or would like to make any changes to your subscription.

2. Loyalty programs

Message type: Mobile push
Audience: Users
Event trigger: Purchase

Hi [name]! You’ve just earned [number of points earned] from [recent purchase].

3. Onboarding customers

Message type: Chat
Audience: Users
Event trigger: Signed up

Hey [name]! Thanks for your interest in Examply. I’d love to schedule a short call to walk you through your dashboard and answer any questions you may have. Could you send me two or three dates and times that you’re available?


If you have any other questions in the meantime, just reply to this message and our team will be happy to help!


Talk soon,
[Your customer success manager]

4. Requesting feedback

Message type: Post
Audience: Users
Event trigger: Subscription ended

Hi [name], we see that your subscription has been terminated. We’d love to get your feedback on why you decided to cancel so we can make Examply even better in the future. Would you have a minute to answer a few anonymous questions? 🙏

5. Proactive support

Message type: Custom Bot
Audience: Users
Event trigger: CSV export failed

Hey [name], it looks like you’re having difficulty exporting your report [report name] to CSV.


● Do you know how to resolve the issue?

○ Have you experienced this before?

● Would you like someone from our team to assist you?

Get started with transactional messaging now

Ready to start sending relevant, timely, personalized transactional messages that engage your customers? Learn more about transactional messaging in Intercom here.