Announcing our third office – Chicago

Main illustration: Margot Harrington

Intercom’s mission is to make internet business personal.

That’s why we’re expanding to be closer to even more of our customers by opening a third office, centered around customer support, in the Fulton Market area of downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The unsolicited feedback that comes from customer support conversations is the truest form of how customers think about your product. It’s an unobstructed view into your customers’ perception. And if perception is reality, the only reality that matters to your company is your customers’. It’s why great customer support has been so integral to our success as a company.

But support at Intercom is about more than just firefighting and troubleshooting; it’s an opportunity to improve our product. This unique approach to customer support is why it’s important to invest in great people for the support team and empower them to be the voice of your customers within your company.

But scaling the right kind of customer support isn’t easy. Our busiest period of the global day is from 7am PST to 10am PST, which causes a pile-up at the end of the day in our Dublin office, and at the beginning of the day in San Francisco. It means we’re giving a less than ideal experience to our customers who live in between our current offices, at the beginning of their day when they need things done. Opening our new Chicago office will immediately and permanently solve this issue.

As our most tenured support team lead, I’m so excited to be moving to Chicago to lead the office. Coming with me as part of the landing team will be one amazing support engineer from each of our offices. In addition, we’re hiring an initial group of Chicagoans to join the founding team and help establish the culture of our new office. We aim to have a team on the ground by the end of October. By the end of next year, the plan is to have a team of a few dozen.

Expanding to where our customers are makes our support team stronger on a global scale and raises the bar for the support we can give our customers. But we’re absolutely not planning on moving support away from our two original offices now, or in the future. Intercom will always keep a strong customer support presence in both Dublin and San Francisco.

So, come join me and the Intercom team in our mission to make internet business personal in our new Chicago office. We’re hiring :D