Built For You series of product announcements

Built for you: Dynamic Content, granular subscriptions, Surveys upgrades, and more

Increased response rates, efficiency, and personalization: Welcome to July’s edition of Built for you.

In July, newly released research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Service, sponsored by Intercom, revealed what we’ve all been thinking – customer engagement is the key to retention and loyalty. At Intercom, we’re obsessed with our customers’ success, and we’re busy building key features to help you take your customer engagement offering to the next level.

Let’s dive in and explore the most exciting things we built for you in July.

Boost response rates with the latest Surveys features

Let’s be honest: if a survey isn’t quick and convenient, it’s tempting to skip it altogether. We’ve introduced two new features that will uplevel your surveys, making them more accessible and engaging, and and driving higher customer response rates:

  • Embed your survey in an email to make participation easier and quicker for your customers.
  • Use the new live preview function to view your survey through your customers’ eyes before you launch. 

email_embed (1)

Targeted, personalized conversations at scale with Dynamic Content

Upgrade your customers’ experience with more targeted personalized communications. Intercom Dynamic Content leverages your existing customer data to allow you to create highly targeted rules, so you can be sure you’re sending the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

Maximize your team’s time by linking Custom Bots

Produce relevant content in the most efficient way. Custom Bot linking spells the end of duplicated content across bots. Now your support teams can build a bot that focuses on a certain topic (e.g., refunds), then link it to multiple bots so they can draw the information your customers need, when they need it. 

Juggle multiple email lists with granular subscription management

Consolidate your marketing stack and send multiple marketing communications (newsletter, onboarding, product announcements, promotions) from a single tool. Granular subscription allows customers to easily opt out of non-essential communications without missing what’s important to them – putting them in charge of their own personalized experience.

Granular subscriptions

Create a more personalized support experience with updated sender address settings

Map your sender address to the inbound address your customers contact you from with Intercom’s updated sender address settings. With this option, if a customer contacts you through support@examply.com, then your replies will also come from support@examply.com – creating an added level of personalization and protection.

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