Built For You series of product announcements

Built for you: Improved Surveys, enriched push notifications, Australian data hosting, and more

Built for you is back – this time we’re revealing the powerful product updates we released in May.

Last month we turned our attention to data – unleashing new features that help you improve how you collect, access, and use first-party data to influence your product and scale your business. Not only that, we also added some exciting new features that will help you enrich push notifications, manage your team permissions, perfect your Product Tours, and more. Without further ado, here’s what our Intercom chefs have been cooking up over the past month.

Surveys: Now even more insightful and engaging

We’ve added three new updates to Surveys: advanced reporting, branching logic, and triggering Surveys via code in your mobile app. Check out what you can achieve with these latest additions in detail below.

Gain deeper insights with advanced reporting for Surveys

Use advanced reporting to unlock deeper insights from your Surveys. For example, you can segment your NPS® scores by region, product feedback by user persona, churn reasons by subscription type, and more – enabling you to better understand your customers and quickly take action based on their feedback. To explore our new reporting capabilities, check out our help center article here.

Net Promoter®, NPS®, NPS Prism®, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score℠ and Net Promoter System℠ are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

Create personalized experiences with branching logic

Intercom’s Surveys are now even smarter, more responsive, and more adaptable. We’ve added branching logic which makes Surveys more relevant and tailored to customers’ needs as they can adapt to customers’ previous responses, driving higher engagement. To learn more, check out our help center article.


Go omnichannel by triggering Surveys in your mobile app

Reach and engage users in the right place and at the right time by launching Surveys from a button anywhere in your mobile app. Gathering in-context feedback from customers provides you with the richest information possible, which you can then act on to drive business impact. Learn how to get started in this help centre article.

Increase engagement with enriched mobile push messages

A picture is worth a thousand words and now you can add images to your outbound mobile push messages to increase open rates. Teams can create contextual, personalized, and engaging push messages – without using any code! Available on both iOS and Android devices, you can leverage this feature by upgrading to the latest mobile SDK. Check out how to create these rich push messages here.

New data localization with Australian Data Hosting

Following our launch of European Data Hosting, Australia is the latest location we’ve added to our Regional Data Hosting program.

In June 2021, the Australian government outlined a plan to fully mandate all governmental data to be hosted within Australian borders by 30 June 2022. With our latest update, Australian businesses can have their customer data processed locally when using Intercom’s platform – bringing the same great Intercom experience, hosted closer to home. This allows our customers down under to stay ahead of future regulations, as well as the possibility of reduced cost of access for consumers, due to lower Internet Service Provider (ISP) spending on international bandwidth. Learn more about our data hosting program here.

Data driven partnerships: Intercom x Clearbit

We are excited to kick off a special partnership with Clearbit that will help our customers uncover intent, improve outreach, identify value-driving channels, and notify reps when target accounts are on their website. As a part of the program your teams will receive access to a free weekly dashboard of de-anonymized companies visiting your website. Get started today and enjoy full access to all gated features like CSV downloads, Clearbit’s weekly visitor report, additional companies, and a lot more – all for free.

New additions to our favourite features

In addition to the above releases, we’ve also introduced some new features that will allow your teams to work together in more cross-functional and efficient ways.

Easily manage your permissions

Different roles need different levels of access. Intercom has now made it easy for different members of your team to access the data and features that are relevant to them. We have introduced more granular permissions to help manage certain functions – for example, “Active/Away” statuses – without granting more expansive permissions like altering seats. You can find out more in our permissions article here.

Track changes with versioning in Product Tours

Versioning (one of our premium features) is now available in Product Tours as well. Teams can see what changes – like sender, content, audiences, rules, schedules, and a lot more – were set live and when. Adding versioning to Product Tours is part of our effort to set the highest standard when it comes to quality content.

Add Youtube Shorts in Articles

Teammates can now embed YouTube Shorts URLs into articles. As end-users access and consume content more and more through videos, our customers stand to see increased engagement. It also makes mobile video content consumption a highly optimized and delightful experience for maximum omnichannel engagement.

Manage Articles at scale with bulk actions

Teammates can now save time by performing bulk actions on a set of articles, like publishing, un-publishing, moving them to a specific collection or deleting them. And with the new filters for status, language, tag, or collection you can quickly find the articles needing your attention.

For teammates, managing content often requires repetitive actions which takes time away from other core support activities, like creating new content or improving the existing content. With bulk actions, customers can perform high volume updates in seconds.

Supercharging your engagement efforts

As first-party data becomes the future of online engagement, we believe it is vital to arm customers with the right tools to accurately collect, analyze, and act on that information. Our powerful new features provide in-depth insights into your customers’ habits, empower you to engage with them at the most opportune moment, and allow your teams to view and act on data more efficiently than ever before.

We’re always looking for more feedback on how Intercom can work harder for you, so be sure to share your thoughts with us! You can also check out what other customers and teammates from across Intercom are saying about these new features and updates over in Interconnected, our customer community forum. See you there!