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Embracing change, the customer service way

The impossible is now possible, or at least imaginable, with AI.

That’s what we regularly tell the leaders of the customer service teams using Intercom. For example, last year at Intercom we were aiming for an 8% resolution rate for our chatbots, and thought that it was a solid goal. Now our new target is 40% – a fivefold increase in a year!

Before, we would scarcely have believed that was achievable. But with advances in AI, everything has fundamentally changed. And so it’s important for us as support leaders to adopt a growth mindset. Here’s how we’re embracing change on the Intercom Customer Support team.

1. Stay open to, and seek out, possibilities

AI is impacting and accelerating everything, of course. But customer service is at the cutting edge of change – after all, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has pointed to customer service as an area that is likely to see imminent disruption.

“To stay ahead, you have to be aware of how different things are and will continue to be”

The pace of development means that it’s hard to predict what things will look like by the end of the year, never mind two years from now.

For example, the idea that we could QA every conversation wasn’t possible before, but now we can do just that. To stay ahead, you have to be aware of how different things are and will continue to be. Stay open to and consistently seek out new possibilities.

2. Throw out your old assumptions and past learnings

One of our mantras over the past year has been to reconsider everything we thought we knew. We have to remind ourselves that, unless we’ve reviewed or discussed an area in the last 30-60 days, we need to go in with a blank slate.

“We’re in a different world now”

That’s how radically things have changed – throw away all of your past assumptions and past learnings, and start fresh.

Maybe we’ll still come to the same conclusions that we did a year ago, but we can’t rely on that institutional or historical knowledge because we’re in a different world now.

3. Help your team see the benefits of change

You’ll need your team on board too – it’s important to help them embrace change. Our advice? Talk directly to them about this big shift happening in support. Address any fears around AI and explain how these tools are not meant to replace them. Instead, help them see and experience the positives and possibilities of AI – how it helps them be more efficient, saves them time, and gives them more breathing room to take on more complex, meaningful work.

At Intercom, we firmly believe that the future of customer service is humans + AI working together to make customer service better. What’s possible for you today that wasn’t possible a year ago? The answer should give you a hint at the positive change to come.

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