Get ready for The Next Chapter

Messaging has fundamentally changed how businesses and customers communicate. Now we believe we’re on the cusp of another change which will drive faster growth for businesses who embrace it. On October 11th, we’ll share our vision for this next chapter in business growth and what we’re building so you can benefit from it.

Seven years ago, we made a huge bet on what was then an unheard of thing: business messaging. We launched the same year as the consumer messaging greats – WeChat, Apple Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SnapChat – except we approached messaging from a business-to-consumer perspective. Since then, we’ve been shipping and launching products at breakneck speed. We saw messaging competitors come and go. We watched with pride as messaging became the de facto way for businesses to talk and build better relationships with their customers. Those relationships quickly led to faster business growth for our customers.

But even amidst this meteoric rise, we’ll be the first to admit that messaging is approaching its human limitations. More website visitors and customers are adopting messaging to talk to businesses, and thanks to the internet, they’re expecting super personal responses 24/7.

Inevitably, messaging must scale. Historically, attempts to scale communication technology have not always ended well. We saw this trend in email, telephone, and website marketing. Messaging must scale the right way: thoughtfully, effectively, with businesses and end users in mind.

On October 11th we’ll share our vision for how businesses will communicate with customers personally, effectively, and at scale. Along with that, we’ll announce a new product we’ve been working on to support this vision.

Until then, I encourage you to sign up to be the first to hear about The Next Chapter and take a minute to check out some fun, historical context we’ve published in the run up to it.