Announcing ‘The State of AI in Customer Service: 2023 Report’

Since we published the 2023 edition of our Customer Service Trends Report earlier this year, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how recent AI developments would impact the customer service landscape in the months and years to come.

To find out, we surveyed more than 1,000 global support leaders and practitioners. We asked them how they’re feeling about AI, what they’re excited – and concerned – about, and how they’re adapting their strategies to take advantage of the monumental opportunities this tech presents.

“Future-ready support leaders have already started thinking about how to integrate AI-powered technology into their tech stack”

We’re excited to share our findings in The State of AI in Customer Service: 2023 Report. This report is jam-packed with insights, along with actionable tips that you can use to supercharge your support with AI, drive real business results, and have an outsized impact.

Discover the AI trends transforming customer service

In this report, we dive into the top AI trends that are set to shape customer service as we know it. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find:

  • Customer service investments in AI are accelerating. After seeing what recent AI advances are capable of, future-ready support leaders have already started thinking about how to integrate AI-powered technology into their tech stack, with 69% planning to invest more in AI in the year ahead.
  • AI will enhance the role of humans in support, not replace them. Over three-quarters (78%) of support leaders say they expect AI to transform customer support careers in the next five years, creating new opportunities and forging brand new job roles.
  • Adding AI and automation to your support toolkit can unlock critical efficiencies. At a time when business resilience is more important than ever, 66% of support leaders are excited about leveraging AI and automation to increase the efficiency of their team in the year ahead.
  • AI has the potential to offer companies a competitive edge when it comes to CX. These days, customer experience is the great differentiator, and customers’ expectations of support will be completely transformed by AI. In fact, 73% of support leaders believe that customers will expect AI-assisted customer service in the next five years.
  • There’s an “AI readiness gap” between CS leaders and practitioners. While over two-thirds of support leaders are confident that customers are ready to interact with an AI chatbot, less than half of support practitioners feel the same – which means there’s an opportunity for leaders to share their enthusiasm around AI for customer service with their teams and ensure they’re bringing them along on the journey.

Unlock the power of AI and get ahead of the trends

Customer service is undergoing an immense transformation, and support leaders are ready to embrace AI in order to stay ahead of the curve. Download The State of AI in Customer Service: 2023 Report to discover how you can use AI and automation to unlock new heights of efficiency – and create better experiences for both your customers and your team.

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