Supporting the fight against COVID-19, at Intercom

Supporting the fight against COVID-19

Main illustration: Anastacia Sholik

On behalf of everyone at Intercom, I want to share our sincere and deep appreciation for all those fighting so hard against this outbreak all over the world.

There are countless heroes putting their lives at risk to support the sick and keep the rest of us safe. And there are thousands of volunteers behind the scenes building technology to help us through this very unique challenge – like data aggregation sites, infection tracing tools, gig finders for people out of work, sites helping source protective equipment, and more.

These impressive efforts have been inspiring us at Intercom to ask how we can help too. And so to start with, to all those leading these projects, we’ve been offering our platform free of any charge* to help them communicate with those they’re serving and working with, at the great scales and efficiencies required in this crisis.

For inspiration on how Intercom can be useful:

  • Healthcare startup Solv has partnered with MultiCare, Washington’s largest community-based health system, to implement chatbots that allow individuals to self-assess their risk of having contracted the virus.
  • Healthcare startup Lifen is using Intercom to support medical staff in France who are monitoring patients’ symptoms remotely on their platform.
  • The government of Andorra is using Intercom to collect critical health information, educate their citizens about the disease, and direct them to available resources.

Finally, to all who’ve lost loved ones and those whose health has been threatened, to all those who are caring and worrying for others in need, and to all businesses that are struggling or have had to lay off their people or close their doors, we’re sending you our love. Our hearts are breaking for you; we’re grieving for your losses. Yet we believe in better days ahead and know we’ll get there together.

*Editor’s note, November 2021: As the world adjusts to living with the pandemic, and after 18 months of providing Intercom free of charge to companies and groups who led the fight against COVID-19, this offer has now ended. Our commitment to building a world-class communication platform for healthcare providers continues, however – read about our HIPAA compliance here.