AI & Automation 41 min watch

In this episode of Intercom on Product, our Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Des Traynor and Paul Adams, our Chief Product Officer, discuss how AI is going to transform the software industry, and how startups can identify the best AI opportunities to target vulnerable incumbents.

AI & Automation 50 min listen

The release of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s brand-new chatbot, has taken the internet by storm. The hype is rising, but the question remains: how big a deal is this? Listen to our Co-founder Des Traynor and Director of Machine Learning Fergal Reid discuss the implications of ChatGPT on tech and customer support.

Product & Design 40 min listen

We’ve been here before. Between media buzz, overstated claims, and the work on the ground, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fantasy from reality when dealing with Machine Learning. As neural networks mature and stand out from the pack, can the tech live up to the hype?