The Ticket: Moment of truth – Fin AI Copilot in practice

Last week, we announced our latest breakthrough innovation: Fin AI Copilot, a personal AI assistant for every support agent. It represents a huge leap forward in the customer service space and will completely change the way support teams work. But what does that change look like in practice?

Up until now, support agents have had to spend huge amounts of time sifting through past conversations and documentation across multiple sources to find answers to customers’ questions. It was very manual, and needless to say, not very efficient.

Fin AI Copilot changes all of that. Now, instead of having to spend all that time searching through troves of information, support agents can simply ask Fin AI Copilot and it will suggest answers based on what it’s learned from every source you choose to feed it. It’s as easy as that.

“Some early testers have seen a 31% increase in agent productivity since they started using their new AI assistant in the inbox”

This new way of working will result in countless hours saved for support teams and create the space they need to focus on creating truly exceptional customer experiences. Our own Support team and early beta testers have been using Fin AI Copilot for quite some time now, and seen firsthand just how impactful it can be. In fact, some early testers have seen a 31% increase in agent productivity since they started using their new AI assistant in the inbox.

This week on The Ticket podcast, our very own Senior Director of Human Support Bobby Stapleton and VP of Customer Support Declan Ivory discuss their experience using Fin AI Copilot so far. They dive into how it’s changing – and has already changed – the team’s ways of working, and the benefits they’ve seen since starting to use it (including one particularly standout “wow” moment).

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • AI has opened access to an untapped goldmine of data: Historically, searching through past support conversations for additional context has been a Herculean task for customer service teams. With Fin AI Copilot, you can curate a pool of conversations for it to draw on so it instantly surfaces relevant context from previous answers in its suggestions. This is a particularly useful tool for support agents who might not be fully confident in certain areas and want to validate their approach, and also ensures support consistency for customers.
  • This leap forward massively changes the role of the support agent: With an AI assistant working right alongside them in the inbox, support agents will have more time to focus on other important areas, such as finding new and different ways to engage with customers and build strong relationships.
  • Knowledge management has become more important than ever: Customer service knowledge management has always been important, but in the world of AI-first CS, it’s absolutely crucial. The AI machine is only as good as the information you feed it, so support leaders will need to prioritize knowledge management to capitalize on all the benefits the technology has to offer.
  • Onboarding and training customer service agents is changing forever: Soon, Fin AI Copilot will be an integral part of training up new teammates – all of a sudden, they will be able to get proficient in areas very quickly because the AI Copilot will surface relevant information at the right time, sparing the need to ask questions of colleagues and really speeding up their knowledge acquisition.

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