Make the most of every customer interaction with the Engagement OS

In a digital world, any business can sell anything to anyone. This ability to shift models, create product lines, and push them out to customers rapidly has changed everything. Which makes customer experience (CX) the most important differentiator and success factor your business has.

Today, 80% of organizations are expecting to compete mainly based on CX. Why? Because it’s the key driver of net revenue retention and the number one driver of enterprise value.

So, it’s no wonder Forrester is calling this the “Age of the Customer” and businesses like yours are laser-focused on how to make that pivot in the right way. So, let me cut right to the point. The future of customer experience is engagement. And while everybody is trying to do engagement, few are doing it right.

Building customer touchpoints is not the same as building engagement. Personalization is a step but that alone isn’t engagement. Spamming people with offers is not engagement. Modern engagement is an open channel between the customer and the business – in the product, in the moment, on their terms, and ongoing throughout the entire customer journey.

Forward-thinking companies are starting to create C-level titles around this discipline, such as Chief Experience Officer. But for any business, engagement isn’t just one team’s responsibility: every team needs to work together in order to create the seamless, efficient experiences that customers demand.

“In order to reap these business benefits, it’s clear that customer engagement needs to be at the center of everything you do”

Across marketing, sales, and support, there are countless customer engagement opportunities that allow you to acquire, retain, and nurture more customers, creating long-lasting customer relationships that drive growth. And that growth is tangible: Bain & Company found that companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues 4%-8% above their market.

In order to reap these business benefits, it’s clear that customer engagement needs to be at the center of everything you do. But with so many teams, channels, and touchpoints within the entire customer journey, how can you ensure that you’re always providing a unified, consistent, and engaging customer experience?

The answer? The Engagement OS.

Meet the Engagement OS

This is where Intercom comes in.

Intercom is the Engagement OS. The customer communications platform that enables the most critical component of the modern customer journey: ongoing engagement, from acquiring to onboarding, activating, supporting, and beyond.

The tale of three Jennifers

Think of it this way: imagine your ideal customer. Let’s call her Jennifer.

In the old way of doing business, every function sees Jennifer differently:

  • To sales, Jennifer is a warm lead to be converted.
  • To marketing, Jennifer is a customer to be engaged.
  • To support, Jennifer is a ticket number to be resolved.

Via those old traditional, disconnected ways of operating, Jennifer might as well be three different Jennifers. But she’s just one prospect or customer who is getting increasingly frustrated with your business.

You’re wasting her time as she has to provide the same information over and over again, even though you’ve demonstrated you know her.

Your teams are working less efficiently and effectively, doing three times the work, navigating disconnected tools and siloed information.

And your business is not building rich customer profiles using first-party data to enable future targeted experiences.

“The Engagement OS is purpose-built for collaboration, allowing sales, marketing, support, and customer success teams to share data, ideas, and results seamlessly”

With the Engagement OS, you can see the full picture and deliver one unified, engaging, human experience to Jennifer, throughout her entire journey. It allows you to build meaningful, ongoing customer relationships instead of simply reacting to disconnected transactions.

Say goodbye to silos. The Engagement OS is a unified platform for all customer-facing teams to use together. It’s purpose-built for collaboration, allowing sales, marketing, support, and customer success teams to share data, ideas, and results seamlessly.

  • Now, support helps sales teams identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Customer success teams tailor onboarding flows based on initial sales data.
  • Product managers improve feature adoption in low-activation customers.

All of which helps to improve customer experience and retention, which dramatically impacts your entire business’s bottom line – so every engagement becomes an opportunity for serious growth.

3 ways the Engagement OS changes everything

Here are three ways Intercom is going to change the game for every team in your business.

1. Convert more customers

Drive more leads with personalized messaging and custom campaign flows, all fuelled by rich first-party data. With tailored messaging across multiple channels, you can reach prospects in ways that feel relevant, contextual, and personal, leading to more valuable conversations – and conversions.

Teams that benefit: Sales, Marketing

Convert more high-quality leads

2. Engage across every touchpoint

Empower customers to see the full value of your product through continuous engagement and discovery. Onboard them effectively with tailored workflows and Product Tours, highlight relevant new features with in-product messaging, and trigger personalized messages that keep them informed. And if you spot things wavering? Re-engage your customers with targeted, actionable messaging to proactively avoid churn.

Teams that benefit: Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product

Grow your business through engagement

3. Support customers at scale

Use a combination of automated and human support to deliver fast, accurate, personal answers, when and where your customers need them. With Custom Bots to answer the simple questions (and seamlessly route the not-so-simple ones to the right people), your teams can focus on the complex queries that have a greater impact, building customer trust and loyalty.

And your teams can add even more value to the experience using proactive support as a first line of defense, with messaging tools that address common pain points across the customer journey – from onboarding to ongoing product support – while capturing trends and insights to continuously improve engagement.

Teams that benefit: Support, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product

Support your customers wherever, whenever

How the Engagement OS is different

Converting, engaging, and supporting more customers are all huge wins for any business. But our customer communications platform does even more, working powerfully behind the scenes to ensure better customer and employee experiences throughout the entire journey. Here are four ways the Engagement OS is different.

1. It’s the most powerful and engaging in-context messaging solution

Omnichannel, in-context communications are the future. With Intercom, you can engage your customers at the right time, in the right channel, with the right message. On your site, in product, in-app, on web, or on mobile, inbound and outbound – the messaging possibilities are endless.

“Our omnichannel capabilities enable you to reach prospects and customers when they’re already thinking of your business for more persuasive communications”

Our omnichannel capabilities mean you can seamlessly pass between channels such as messenger, email, SMS, and WhatsApp, all without losing context. This means that you can reach prospects and customers when they’re already thinking of your business for more persuasive communications, and communicate with them in their preferred channel to deliver a better experience.

2. It allows you to collect and leverage first-party data for unparalleled personalization

Knowing your customers is the key to solid business growth. With a unified customer communications platform, you can more deeply understand your customers’ needs and deliver an omnichannel experience tailored to them.

Using first-party data, you can build rich, dynamic customer profiles that allow you to stay personal at scale – all without compromising on privacy. The result? Stronger customer relationships that drive long-term loyalty.

3. It empowers all customer-facing teams to work together on one unified platform

Break down barriers and knowledge silos to fuel more efficient, powerful, unified workflows. With one primary open platform to manage all of your customer communications across sales, support, and marketing, you can get visibility over every customer’s journey with your business to date – without needing to waste time switching between apps.

Using a single platform empowers every team to get deeper, in-context insights with one unified customer record, removing cross-functional barriers and enabling stronger collaboration.

4. It delivers a next-generation product approach to technology and user experience

Intercom’s customer communications platform is simple and intuitive to use, meaning less time spent wrangling tools and more time spent driving value. We use intelligent automation fuelled by AI and machine learning to constantly improve the user experience and drive powerful new insights, and we’re always rolling out innovative features to help customers do more with Intercom.

“Teams can start creating, sending, and optimizing campaigns immediately – without the need for an engineer”

But despite its robust capabilities, there’s no code needed to get set up. This means that teams can start creating, sending, and optimizing campaigns immediately – without the need for an engineer – allowing for end-to-end ownership.

And for those other essential tools that you simply can’t live without, simply integrate them with Intercom to create your ultimate tech stack.

Engagement is not a new thing. It’s the culmination of everything.

In business, growth is everything. But what if instead of creating one-off sales moments, we focused on creating ongoing engagement? What if every visit, every touch, turned into a meaningful dialogue with customers? What if the best your business had to offer could be there wherever and whenever your customers need you? What if your entire business was wired to elevate dialogue, build loyalty, and create growth?

That’s the power of Intercom, the Engagement OS.

Are you ready to make the most of every engagement?