What we shipped: 8 new features to create a best-in-class customer journey

In the past few years, companies have increasingly realized the value of personalization in acquiring and retaining customers.

Adding a personal touch shows your visitors and customers that you care, making visitors more likely to become customers and customers more likely to become advocates for your brand.

At Intercom, personalization is at the heart of our product – we help companies engage with their customers in a more personal way.

Over the past month, we’ve released brand-new features to help you provide a more personalized experience for your visitors, leads and customers, and we’ve made it easy to do so even at scale. Our account-based marketing capabilities, custom chatbots and messaging features enable you to craft a best-in-class customer journey, whether you’re in marketing, sales or support.

1. Enable sales reps to follow up with target accounts at the perfect time

Sales reps can now be notified via email, desktop, or mobile notification when leads from accounts they own revisit your website. This allows them to follow-up with customers at the perfect time and know which accounts are actively evaluating your product. This is the latest addition to our set of account-based marketing features to help you convert more of your target accounts into customers. Check it out:

To get started, head to your accounts page and import accounts and owners from Salesforce. Then, sales reps can enable notifications here. If you need help, see our new collection of docs on ABM. Note: you will need to be on our Premium plans to use these new features, chat with us today using the messenger in the bottom right of your screen if you’re interested in using them.

2. Engage high-intent leads with Custom Bots from buttons

Now launch a Custom Bot when a visitor clicks a button on your website, allowing you to engage high-intent leads immediately. With Custom Bots you can move qualified leads directly to a conversation and convert them faster than with static web forms. Simply point and click on a specific button on your site to easily build a bot, no coding required.

If you’d like to learn more, visit our help center.

3. Personalize your Custom Bot messages in real time with data attributes

With this update, you can now greet your customers by their name and tailor your responses based on the information you collect with Custom Bots to provide a more personalized customer experience.

4. Create more powerful segments with combined and/or rules

You can now combine and/or rules in your People and Company filters, so it’s much easier and quicker to create refined customer segments.  

Combining and/or rules will be coming to other parts of Intercom soon – watch this space! You can read more about filtering using and/or in our docs.

5. A new home for security related settings

Now it’s possible to turn off/on the ability for users to include attachments in conversations. The Security Settings Page is the new home for settings that help keep your Workspace secure – including a new option to turn on/off ability for users to include attachments in conversations.

Intercom Security Settings

6. Message creation enhancements that make it easier to build high performing messages

We’ve simplified the message creation flow to make it easier for teams to launch new visitor and user auto messages.

The most notable changes are:

  1. Channel selection is now done upfront followed by the message composer so that you can immediately focus on the content of your message first.
  2. New steps for Scheduling (start/stop times) and Delivery (time on page, URL targeting, etc) have been created so that all relevant features live under the same step.

Intercom Channel Selection

We’ve also introduced a few new improvements that provide more flexibility and customization options to your messages:

  • You can now set multiple URL targeting rules for User auto messages and with more conditions such as ‘does not contain’, ‘starts with’, and ‘ends with’.
  • Start and Stop times are now included for Visitor Auto Messages in the Scheduling step.
  • Stop date can now be customized and is determined by the workspace’s timezone (instead of being locked on GMT).

7. Easily add emojis to your message to boost engagement 🎉

We’ve made it easier to find and insert emojis in your messages by adding an emoji inserter to our composer! You can now quickly create more engaging, personalized messages with a variety of rich content options.

Add emoji in Intercom

8. Save time creating Custom Bots by duplicating across bot types 

Now you can convert an existing Custom Bot to a different bot type, without starting over from scratch. For example, you could turn a Custom Bot for visitors into one for users, or a Custom Bot from a button.

Intercom Duplicate Custom bots

And here are some of our favourite apps other people have been building on Intercom:


Increase demo meeting conversions by instantly qualifying your leads.

Qualify your website visitors instantly with the MadKudu predictive fit score and automatically invite qualified leads to book a meeting through the Intercom Messenger. MadKudu uses historical and third-party data to score leads, and the app triggers chatbot flows in Intercom based on those scores, so you can connect with your best leads faster.

Install from the App Store, or find out more here.


Grow your pipeline and close more deals by connecting all parts of your sales process.

Outreach App for Intercom

Seamlessly connect your customer messaging in Intercom with your sales sequences in Outreach, so you can get more leads and move deals through the pipeline faster. By sending Intercom conversations to Outreach and triggering follow-up tasks, sequences and other activities in Outreach, the app connects all of the parts of your lead or customer’s journey and automates the next best action for you to take as a salesperson.

Install from the App Store, or find out more here.

Chargebee Subscription Billing

Keep subscription and customer data right at your fingertips.

Chargebee integration for Intercom

Automatically send customer and subscription data – like subscription plan, unpaid invoice information and MRR – from Chargebee to Intercom, so that you can better target messages and chatbots, route conversations and gain context on your customers. Give your customers a flawless support experience by having your data all in one place.

Install from the App Store, or find out more here.

To keep up to date with the latest updates and changes, you can see our full changelog here.