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Droplr strengthens their connection with customers across the user experience

With Nicole Pressprich, Customer Success Specialist
Increase in customer retention
Founded in 2009, Droplr is an online file-sharing application that provides simple photo, video, and text sharing services for individuals and businesses. Quickly capture and share content for sharing between different desktop and mobile operating systems.
Bend, Oregon

In the space of just a few years, Droplr, a team collaboration platform has made group file sharing easy and organized for more than 500,000 users. But the team at Droplr doesn’t dwell much on past success. They’re focused on listening, learning, and engaging with users, improving the customer experience, and driving next phase of growth.

“It’s pretty myopic to view customer support as a sunk cost,” says Gray Skinner, CEO of Droplr. He credits Intercom with turning their customer communication into a valuable resource across the company. Whether a user is talking to sales, in a free trial, or asking for support, Droplr takes everything a customer says into account. “It’s with that mindset that we find new opportunities. It informs how we’ll announce features, optimize the product, or even capitalize on our support channel.”

So far, Droplr’s customer-centric strategy has paid off. In each of the last two years, Droplr’s business among enterprise customers grew 150%. Gray explains that, “Ultimately, Intercom connects the dots between the customer experience and our products. That lets us learn and innovate much faster.” And it’s with that insight and speed that Droplr continues to deliver on their mission: empowering users to share work faster and get more stuff done. Simple as that.

Intelligent campaigns, driven by segments

Nicole Pressprich is Droplr’s Intercom guru. She's responsible for customer engagement and support, ensuring users are happy and informed about all things Droplr. She’s a quick learner too. Intercom was already Droplr’s customer communication solution when she joined. Even with no prior experience using Intercom, she launched four campaigns within a month. “Our app has so many different features and components to it. So the first thing I did was set up a few engagement campaigns at key points in the user experience. Intercom lets us create a steady and gradual stream of messaging. We can convey everything our product has to offer without overwhelming the user.”

Droplr’s four ongoing campaigns include welcome, onboarding, retention, and team-specific campaigns. Each campaign contains a series of five to ten emails and in-app messages. Because Intercom tracks Droplr’s user data, they’re able to make the campaigns dynamic for different user segments. Campaign rules based on user attributes and behavior determine if, and when, a message is sent, tailoring the series of messages for each individual user. For example, if new users don’t share an image or video within a few days, Intercom triggers an email encouraging the user to upload and share a file.

“Segmentation has always been a daunting task. But with Intercom, it's easy and intuitive. When you click on something it does exactly what you want it to do.”
Nicole Pressprich
Nicole Pressprich
Customer Success Specialist

Another way Droplr segments users is by the operating system they use. That way Droplr avoids sending two sets of instructions, one of which is irrelevant to the user. An unfortunate reality of email is that people are constantly inundated with irrelevant messages. They don’t have the time to sort through what’s important, so they eventually tune-out. With Intercom, Droplr ensures they send relevant and helpful messages that keep users engaged in the long run. “We want to build the relationship and encourage users to engage with our product in a thoughtful way. It’s paid off, by segmenting our audience, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in feature awareness and app downloads, while keeping high email and in-app message open rates,” explains Nicole.

Not only has Droplr been able to increase downloads and engagement with new features, but they also increased customer retention by 32% since launching these ongoing campaigns.

A clear message saves time on support

Since Nicole oversees the entire user experience, so she understands that the quality of their messaging impacts the amount of support customers need. In a recent release of their Chrome extension, Nicole sent a targeted announcement via in-app message to their users, which only appears when a user is browsing with Chrome. That allowed Droplr to add a link to install, instead of providing instructions that non-Chrome users would need. “Not only were we able to target users based on their preferred browser, but because we’re able to clearly explain the feature in context, it's reduced the volume of support conversations we typically answer around new features.”


Intercom has transformed the way Droplr works. Behavior-driven campaigns allow the company to scale the personalized experience and differentiate themselves. And by consolidating all customer communications, Droplr prevents silos from forming from within the company. Now there’s more visibility across the customer experience, making it clear how every interaction impacts the user’s journey – and how it can be improved.

“With better engagement campaigns, answering questions around features in support has decreased immensely. That's allowed us to focus on the questions that really need our help.”
Nicole Pressprich
Nicole Pressprich
Customer Success Specialist
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