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Customer Story

Shine resolves customer queries 44% faster with Intercom

With Marcus Lehembre, Head of Operations at Shine

At a glance
  • 3.6x

    more conversations assigned automatically

  • 68%

    reduction in response time

  • 44%

    decrease in resolution time


Shine is a banking and finance management system designed to help small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs simplify their finances.


Paris, France



Key features used



Custom Bots



Shine is a banking and finance management platform built for small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. With inbound conversation volume on the rise, the team sought a support solution that would enable fast responses and resolutions for their 100,000+ customers.

They needed a platform with powerful support automation capabilities to offer instant answers, triage queries automatically, empower customers to self-serve, and reduce manual tasks to save time. Their goal was to find a solution that would enable growth and allow them to manage spikes in customer conversations without having to dramatically increase the size of the team.


Shine customized its Inbox set-up and created teams and views to effectively manage incoming support conversations. Using Macros, a bank of saved content and actions that can be used to save time when replying to queries, the team can share relevant content to help customers quickly and efficiently. The Intercom Messenger’s ease of use, integration capabilities, and UX enable them to create delightful customer experiences.

Leveraging Custom Bots, they offer instant answers to customers, reduce manual tasks to save time, and identify trends in conversations to drive continuous improvement. These efficiencies allow them to scale their support, without needing to increase headcount.

The great thing about Intercom is that the solution grows with us. The needs we had in the past have been met, and the new features that Intercom regularly releases help address our challenges today – and also those of tomorrow.
Marcus Lehembre

Head of Operations at Shine