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Accelerate revenue growth through chat

How Unity’s inside sales team drove 80% of its revenue through live chat with Intercom
Customer Hub Hero Unity
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    Housecall Pro

    Housecall Pro used Intercom’s customer messaging platform to grow their business from launch to 10,000+ customers.
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    Pantheon creates a unified customer experience by implementing Intercom across sales and support.

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    Baremetrics increased annual billing by 30%.

Some Heading

  • 29%

    LANDR experienced a 29% lift in 1st month activation rate after implementing Intercom

  • 2x

    Hostinger improved CSAT by 2x with Intercom while servicing 80,000 conversations a month

  • 4.5x

    GetAccept grew revenue 450% last year by communicating with customers across the lifecycle

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    Keen: cut customer support time by 30%, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement

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    Moz reduced their support median response time by 70% and increased customer loyalty in the process.

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    Media collaboration platform scales better customer support and engagement.