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Every website visitor is a sales opportunity. Chat and convert them to customers.

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Chat with visitors on your website in real-time, capture leads, and continue conversations by email if they leave.

Targeted live chat
Lead tracking
Team inbox
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Join thousands of businesses who use intercom to Acquire new customers


Always open and available to help

Grab attention by showing the faces of people on your team and have lively conversations that engage visitors on your website.


Proactively start targeted live chats

Encourage action by sending targeted messages automatically triggered by a visitor's behavior on your website.

It's easy to create rules that trigger targeted messages:


Work together to convert visitors to customers

A shared team inbox makes it easy to manage chats and involve the right teammates to handle difficult questions.

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See how we compare to Olark and Zopim


Keep conversations alive by email if visitors leave

Capture email addresses to notify leads by email when you respond.


Have a complete view of every customer

See a live profile for every visitor that starts a conversation, capture them as leads, and keep their full history when they become customers.

Behind the scenes

Today’s live chat is broken because there is no continuous record when a potential customer signs up and becomes a customer. We fixed that, so there is one profile, one true record, of all a person’s activity and conversations.

VP of Product, Intercom

Featured customer: IRON.IO

With Intercom Acquire, our sales development representatives interact with website visitors in real-time, which adds quality leads into the sales pipeline faster and shortens our sales cycle.


Have more conversations
with visitors

Visitor Auto Messages Rules

Invite conversation

Be personal and grab attention by showing the faces of your teammates.

Start targeted chats

Create rules that trigger targeted messages to visitors based on their activity.

Provide a modern
messaging experience

Real-time Messaging Stickers, Emoji & Gifs

Have live conversations

Typing indicators, read receipts, and sounds bring conversations to life.

Express yourself

Inject life into your conversations. Why type it when you can show it.

Respond better and faster in a shared team inbox

Live Lead Profiles Notes & Mentions Saved Replies Teams

Know who you're talking to

See a live profile for every visitor that starts a conversation—where they are, the last page they visited, and more.

Answer questions
as a team

Loop in teammates and collaborate behind the scenes to answer difficult questions together.

Respond faster

Reply to common questions with Saved Replies that can be quickly accessed with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Assign chats to the right people

Create teams of people with similar roles or expertise, and assign chats to the team best equipped to respond.

See how you are performing

Conversation Volume Auto Message Performance Auto Message Goals

How busy are you?

See your daily, weekly, and monthly volume of conversations with visitors.

Are your auto messages working?

Know which auto messages are performing best and how you compare to other companies.

What's the impact of your message?

Goals let you measure the effectiveness of your visitor auto messages and see if people who saw your message took actions like signing up for your product or service.


Everything you need to convert visitors to your website to customers.


Messenger launcher

Grab visitors’ attention with the faces of your team and let them ask questions


Intercom Messenger

Chat in real-time with website visitors, complete with attachments and emoji

Auto messages

Visitor auto message

Send targeted chats to visitors based on their activity



Greet visitors to your website in their local language

Email messages


Send replies by email if a visitor leaves your website before you respond

Team inbox

Team inbox

View, manage, and respond to conversations in a collaborative inbox

Live profiles

Live lead profiles

See a visitor’s website activity, conversation history, and more

Notes mentions

Notes & mentions

Loop in teammates and work together behind the scenes to answer questions

Saved replies

Saved replies

Respond to common questions with canned, yet personalized replies



Create groups of teammates and assign chats to the team best equipped to respond



See conversation volume and understand how your auto messages are performing

Ios android app

iOS and Android apps

Reply to people on the go with Intercom apps for iOS and Android

Try it free for 14 days
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At Expensify, we use Acquire to engage prospects before they start a trial. We're seeing much higher engagement and higher quality conversations with serious prospects.

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