Announcing Intercom on Marketing – the print and audio edition

Main illustration: Dani Balenson

Today we’re launching our latest print and audiobook – Intercom on Marketing.

Published in a digital format back in January, more than 35,000 people have already enjoyed our no-nonsense, actionable advice covering the entire spectrum of marketing, from messaging to monetization. But a recurring piece of feedback we’ve got from our readers is that they don’t like being chained to one format, and want to enjoy our books in ways that extend beyond the confines of PDF and mobi.

So today we’re giving you two new ones: print and audio.


At a time when publishers are dropping print editions with alarming frequency, to hear that a software company is doubling down in printed books seems, in 2018, to make almost no sense.

But it is perhaps for that very reason that demand for printed books on the business of software is so high. We’ve become conditioned to think that crude, badly formatted PDFs are the norm, and anything that looks and feels permanent seems just a little bit wrong.

With Intercom on Marketing, we’ve tried to publish something that feels permanent and unthrow-away-able, something that you’d be proud to have on your nightstand and coffee table. Credit to our designer Dani Balenson and our Brand Design Studio, who created an organic, down-to-earth layout that echoes everything we believe good startup marketing should be.

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Just in time for summer vacation (yes, people really do read Intercom’s book on holidays), you can order a copy for just $10 today.


While it’s hard to beat the quiet, calm experience of curling up with a good, old fashioned print book following a hard day’s work, we know that people working in the throes of startups are constantly pressed for time. So for those who prefer to get our insights on the go, the Intercom on Marketing audiobook is for you.

All of our books aim to deliver unfiltered, authentic advice from people who have been there, done that, and made their fair share of mistakes along the way. True to that mission, each chapter is narrated by its actual author – the people who have shaped Intercom’s marketing to date and continue pushing us forward today.

Give it a preview below and a full listen anywhere you currently subscribe to the Inside Intercom podcast. That includes iTunes, Overcast, Soundcloud and Stitcher (and check back soon for Spotify).

Head this way to get your copy of the book.