The evolution of conversational support starts now – with our new Resolution Bot

Main illustration: Kyle Benson

Today we’re introducing Resolution Bot – the next generation of Answer Bot, our intelligent support chatbot that automatically answers customer questions.

We believe automation will transform the way that businesses support their customers. Bots are already enabling customer support teams to scale personalized experiences without added headcount. But until now, support bots have stopped short of fully resolving customer issues.

“Resolution Bot moves beyond generic answers to meaningfully solve customers’ problems”

Building on Answer Bot’s machine learning technology, Resolution Bot moves beyond generic answers to meaningfully solve customers’ problems. When a customer asks a question in the Intercom Messenger, Resolution Bot does so much more than share a link to your help center. The customer gets an immediate resolution to their issue that’s tailored to their specific needs.

Resolution Bot automatically resolves 33% of common support questions and has enabled businesses to save 109 hours of their customers’ time, on average, over the last year. Intercom is already an industry leader for chatbots and with Resolution Bot, our chatbots are now even more powerful.

Customers want resolutions, not just answers

Every support leader knows the faster you answer a customer’s question, the more satisfied the customer will be. But too often, the answers that bots give fall short – they’re not immediately actionable (“Read this article”) or they require the customer to do more work (“Follow these five steps”).

“Resolution Bot has the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for support teams and their customers”

With Resolution Bot, you can provide real solutions to customers’ problems right there in the conversation. Imagine this: a customer chats in asking if their order has shipped yet. Instead of having a support rep manually look it up, Resolution Bot could pull up their order status using the Shopify app and, better yet, surface this option before the customer even finishes typing.

Resolution Bot has the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for support teams and the customers they serve. Because it’s always on, 24/7, Resolution Bot enables businesses to deliver personal, real-time resolutions at a global scale. That’s faster, more consistent support for your customers and fewer repetitive, transactional questions for your support reps.

For video-making platform Biteable, the results of using Resolution Bot have been impressive:

Biteable on the results of using Resolution Bot

4 new features to deliver instant resolutions

We’ve given Resolution Bot a lot more than a new name. Here are four brand new features that take automated support to the next level.

1. Answer customer questions as soon as they start typing

These days, the last thing that customers are willing to do is wait around for answers from your support team. In fact, a survey from Aircall found that, when it comes to live chat, 49% of customers will navigate away if they don’t see anyone typing within just one minute.

With Resolution Bot, the wait for answers is over. Resolution Bot speeds up self-service by surfacing relevant answers based on what customers are typing – before they even hit the enter key. All customers need to do is select the option that best matches their question.

This new update also increases Resolution Bot’s effectiveness by proactively guiding customers to questions the bot already knows how to answer. Now you’ll never miss an opportunity to resolve customer issues automatically, saving time for your customers and your support reps.

2. Scale your conversational support globally with six new languages

It’s a no-brainer that customers want to be supported in their native language. It’s already frustrating enough to have an issue that requires contacting customer support. But asking them to translate your team’s answer on top of that? Not a great experience.

“70% of customers are more loyal to companies that offer native language support”

Our own research has shown that 70% of customers are more loyal to companies that offer native language support. So, we’re delighted to share that Resolution Bot is now fluent in six new languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and German.

Resolution Bot will automatically detect which language it should use based on your customers’ browser settings. Its new multilingual capabilities mean you can instantly resolve even more customer issues, 24/7, while providing the same highly personalized experience.

3. Tailor your answers based on customer demographics

Even when customers have the same question, they might not be satisfied with the same answer. Say you had a customer on your Accelerate plan who chats in asking if apps are included in the cost. If your bot references your Startup plan, it might as well have not answered at all.

With Resolution Bot, we’re giving you the power to choose who the bot speaks to and how it answers based on criteria like customer spend, business type, location, and more. Now you can resolve your customers’ problems with answers that are hyper-targeted to their needs.

4. Boost your bot’s performance with fresh insights

When it comes to chatbots, the question on everyone’s mind is, “But does it actually work?” We’re taking the guesswork out of answering this question with new reports that show you exactly how Resolution Bot is performing.

We know Resolution Bot is only as good as the number of conversations it can successfully resolve. So, we’ve made it easy to improve its underperforming answers. Now you can see them all in one place and, for individual answers, you can also get a detailed look into how many times it’s been sent and its resolution rate.

Resolution Bot reports
Finally, you can see the exact impact that Resolution Bot is having on your conversation metrics by filtering your reports to include bot interactions.

Get started with Resolution Bot today

We know a great support experience involves a lot more than just answering one-off customer questions. It means fully resolving their burning issues as quickly as possible. So, we’ve evolved Resolution Bot to do just that – delivering immediate resolutions to your customers and immediate value to your support team. This is just the beginning of the conversational support evolution.

Learn more about these new features right here and see how Resolution Bot can benefit your business.