Announcing Intercom on Marketing – the marketing book for startups

Main illustration: Dani Balenson

We’ve just released our latest book, Intercom on Marketing.

With the volume of marketing playbooks already out there, you might wonder why we decided to share our own take. Well, getting marketing right is one of the hardest challenges facing startups today. Trust us, we’ve been (and still are) there. So, why do so many get it wrong?

Firstly, most founders typically don’t have a background in marketing, and even though they’re told to “start marketing the day you start coding”, they just don’t know where to begin. Sure, they probably know enough to build a landing page for capturing email addresses, but do they know what to say, and how to say it, to give themselves the best chance of success? Do they know how to best promote their product and where? Or how to amplify everything the product team builds by bringing in marketing early in the development cycle?

Secondly, as software becomes more and more commoditized, and products have more and more overlapping features, what can truly set your startup apart is the strength of your brand and your go-to-market strategy.

In short, marketing is pretty damn important.

I was Intercom’s first marketer. We’re now a team of more than 40, and over the past few years we’ve learned many tough lessons, from developing our early messaging, to getting word of mouth, to keeping product and marketing aligned. This book is a collection of almost everything we know and have come to learn about marketing.

Intercom on Marketing inside

Over the course of 14 chapters we cover things like:

  • Simple steps to get your first customers.
  • How to choose the right tactics for your startup, from content and events to demand generation.
  • How to keep product and marketing aligned as your company grows.
  • A step-by-step-guide to launching your product.
  • Actionable advice on getting your early messaging right.

And much, much more.

Available in PDF, Kindle or epub format, it features more than a dozen original illustrations courtesy of the Intercom Brand Studio, along with many fun, personal stories from the early days of marketing at Intercom.

Head this way to grab your free copy. Good luck and enjoy!