Real-Time Sales Starter Kit

The Beginner’s Guide to Real-Time Sales: get started with the future of selling

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In sales and marketing, speed is everything. The fate of your business depends on how quickly you can turn promising leads on your website into paying customers. The faster you capture the intent, the faster you will make the sale, and the faster your business will grow.

The traditional approach from marketers and salespeople of using lengthy contact forms and delayed callbacks doesn’t cut it anymore. We now live in an on-demand world where customers can research, buy and sell everything they want with just a few clicks.

Today we’re releasing a new guide on real-time sales. We believe it’s the future of selling – modern prospects expect a real-time buying experience and the most effective way to give it to them is through live chat, whether it’s 1:1 conversations with your sales reps or automated by a chatbot. If you want to win business in this new world, you need to connect with leads when it’s convenient for them, not hours, days or even weeks later.
Beginner's Guide to Real-Time Sales
Live chat allows your sales reps to talk to leads at the exact moment when they’re most engaged – on your website. And once you’ve started a conversation, you’re able qualify them on the spot and move the deal forward. No forms, no call backs, just conversations with sales-ready leads in real-time.

Remember, speed is your competitive advantage

Remember, speed is your competitive advantage. If you can capture your prospect’s intent when it is at its peak, they won’t have the chance, or even inclination, to check what your competitors can offer. In this way, real-time sales also augments your marketing efforts by swiftly converting valuable paid traffic into revenue.

“The Beginner’s Guide to Real-Time Sales” walks you through the fundamentals of implementing a real-time experience in three simple steps: acquire, qualify and convert. It offers tips on how you can define your ideal customer, what data you should be collecting and how to navigate your live chat conversations.

The guide also features a customer story from Tradeshift’s VP of Global Demand Generation Adam Cleveland on how they increased sales opportunities by 33% using Intercom to do real-time sales.

Head on over to the guide and start growing your business in real-time today.

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