Announcing two fresh newsletters_ The Ticket and Intercom on Product

Announcing ‘The Ticket’ and ‘Intercom on Product’: Get the content you’re looking for

We’re updating our lineup of newsletters and podcasts, dividing them into two separate offerings to better serve our distinct audiences: The Ticket for customer service professionals and Intercom on Product for product and design enthusiasts.

Since the very early days of Intercom, we’ve shared our perspective on everything from startup strategy to customer support best practices, from our R&D philosophy to customer engagement tactics. We’ve built up a huge, loyal audience over the past dozen years – tens of thousands of people have signed up to get our regular Intercom newsletter and our podcast has been downloaded more than three million times.

As we’ve grown and matured, we continued to share our product learnings, but we weren’t just building a customer service product, we were building a new way of doing customer service.

“We have more ideas, opinions, and advice to share than ever”

As a result, more and more of our content began to explore the future of customer service, what excellent customer experiences looked like, and the learnings of our own Support team as they navigated rising customer expectations.

Now, with AI transforming both the future of customer service and the future of building software, we have more ideas, opinions, and advice to share than ever.

To cater to both our customer service readers and our product and design audience, we’re revamping our content offering. The Ticket newsletter and podcast will zoom in on customer service in this new world, while the Intercom on Product newsletter and podcast will explore product and design in the age of AI.

Introducing The Ticket: Dedicated customer service content

For our growing audience of customer service leaders and practitioners, we’re making it easier than ever to get the valuable, engaging, and educational content that will give you a head start in this era of AI-driven customer service transformation.

The existing Intercom newsletter and the Inside Intercom podcast are getting a unified new name and sharpened focus: The Ticket – your go-to resource for customer service professionals who are keen to stay ahead of the curve.

Podcast programming

On The Ticket podcast, we’ll be bringing you conversations with the customer service leaders, renowned customer experience thinkers, and influential authors who have shaped the field of customer support.

You’ll also be hearing a lot more from Intercom’s own customer support leaders, who will be offering a wealth of expertise, inspiration, and practical advice as we lead the way in applying AI technology to help teams deliver superb support to customers.

You can follow The Ticket on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or grab the RSS feed in your player of choice.

Newsletter news

Subscribers to The Ticket newsletter will receive a twice-monthly collection of industry insights, actionable advice, and thought leadership curated by the Intercom Support team. At Intercom, we see the future of customer service as a perfect blend of human and AI support – so, meet your new authors: Ruth O’Brien, Director of Proactive and Automated Support, and Bobby Stapleton, Director of Human Support.

Ruth O'Brien and Bobby Stapleton - authors of The Ticket newsletter

Together, Ruth and Bobby are optimizing both parts of that human-AI partnership, and are eager to help other customer service teams make the transition.

They’ll be sharing everything they’re learning as they lean into the exciting future of customer service, and build a truly AI-driven customer experience for Intercom’s customers. If you’re a customer service professional interested in:

  • How AI is impacting customer service.
  • Rising customer expectations and how to meet them.
  • Leading a customer service team through uncertain times.
  • Finding the best ways to incorporate AI into your team’s workflows.
  • The latest trends rocking the customer service landscape.

… and so much more, then make sure you’re subscribed to The Ticket – delivered directly to your inbox every other Wednesday.

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Intercom on Product: Learn how we’re building in the AI era

If you’re keen to follow our material exploring how we build world-class software in an AI-first world, then we have the podcast and newsletter for you.

Our Intercom on Product podcast, where our Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Des Traynor and Chief Product Officer Paul Adams have been sharing their thoughts and ideas, will now expand to include many more Intercom product leaders on a regular basis, exploring the reality of building with AI.

You can follow Intercom on Product on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or grab the RSS feed in your player of choice.

Additionally, we’re launching an entirely new newsletter, also called Intercom on Product. Every month, we will share insights and advice from our product leaders, product managers, designers, and engineers.

This podcast and newsletter is for you if you’re interested in product and want to learn all about:

  • Behind-the-scenes insights into how we’re building with AI.
  • Tips and best practice advice on how to design and build AI-powered software.
  • Reflections on how product and startup strategy is changing in response to AI.
  • Our perspective on the latest industry trends and developments.


Writing the future

The future of these industries, software and customer service, is being written right now, by the innovations and decisions and discoveries that are happening every day.

“We’re incredibly excited to tell the story of this revolutionary era in technology, from the frontlines”

All the old assumptions about how software should be built and sold are being challenged, all the old conventions about how customer service should be delivered are being upended.

We’re incredibly excited to tell the story of this revolutionary era in technology, from the frontlines, so we hope you’ll sign up to our emails and podcasts to follow the story. And as always, we want to hear from you – what material and resources would you like to see more of? What insights do you find most valuable? What formats are most useful for you in practice? Please let us know by emailing us here.

The future beckons – let’s go.