TALK: From Data to Insight

Most analytics tools and applications focus on two things: tracking data that is easy to measure, and showing visualisations that look sexy. This means you end up with sexy screenshots, but no lasting value. You are presented with lots of data, but very little actionable insight.

Analytics are an area where the jobs-to-be-done framework has a lot to offer. Products like Google Analytics are general purpose tools, the epitome of a one-size-fits-none solution. Domain-specific, job-specific analytics applications that put insight in the foreground and data in the background will be the future.

Slides from my talk

This year at the excellent Reasons conference, I presented a talk titled From Data To Insight, which is a revision of my previous data visualisation talk explaining the goals and role of data visualisation in web applications. 186 slides, steeped in walkthroughs and examples. If you enjoy it, please spread the word.