The Upsell Messaging Starter Kit: taking the selling out of upselling

Main illustration: Tim Gilligan

A successful business is built on growing your existing customers, not just acquiring new ones. Today, we’re launching our Upsell Messaging Starter Kit to help.

The software industry has never been more competitive. We’re in the second wave of SaaS, where free trials, freemium versions and bargain basement subscription prices are the norm. As customer acquisition becomes more and more challenging, smart companies are spending more and more time on cultivating customers that actually want to spend money with them.

To do this, businesses need to leave behind the nefarious tactics that have given upselling a bad name. Just think of all the times you’ve received emails from vendors trying to sell you things you don’t need. Conversely, wouldn’t it be helpful to receive a well-targetted email about a new feature or promotion that would help you do your job better?

That’s why businesses need to integrate a customer-first approach: upselling when it makes sense for the customer, not just when it makes sense for the business. Like the rest of an effective sales process, upselling is firmly rooted in education, trust, and building genuine relationships.

Our new Upsell Messaging Starter Kit will show you how to find those moments where a customer has a “value gap” with your product, and craft a series of highly personal messages that seek to fill it.

So, what’s inside? First off, you’ll get some straightforward advice on how to spot good upsell opportunities. Next, we’ve included half a dozen upsell messages you can start sending right away. And finally to put this all into perspective we’ve included an interview with Intercom customer CloudSponge, who managed to upsell to 20% of a customer segment in one day.

Most of your existing customers are willing to consider, and even buy, new features, products, and solutions that help them succeed. Thoughtful upsell messages make sure they see these products and features at the exact moment they’re looking for them. Head over to our guide and start creating better upsell messages today.