How our sales team helped reboot our educational videos

We ❤️ video at Intercom. Our Marketing, Sales and Support teams all use it in different ways to convert, support and onboard users in an engaging and personal way that is unique to video.

“Talk to your sales team. They know the failings and successes of your product better than you do”

But it wasn’t always like this.  In this video, we chat about how our Sales team‘s usage of educational video has helped shape the content itself into a more dynamic feature-specific format, increasing customer engagement (by ~84%) and reducing our cost to sale (~13% decrease in the sales cycle).

Short on time? Here are four key takeaways (summarized at 17 minutes):

  1. Use dynamic feature-specific content
  2. Prospects don’t buy all of you on day one
  3. Help content done well is sales and marketing content
  4. Speak to your sales team

This video originally appeared as part of the Wistia Couchcon series.